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What Kind of Surge Protection Do I Need for My Gear?

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Momentary power spikes can destroy expensive pro audio gear in an instant. Learn how to protect it.

A good surge protector can more than pay for itself by preventing damage to your valuable gear. Be sure to get as many as you need in order to protect every piece of equipment that could be harmed by power outages, spikes, surges, and sags.

The surge protector needs to have a sufficient power rating to protect all the equipment that's plugged into it. Check the output ratings of the gear you want to plug into it.

Make sure it has enough outlets for every piece of gear that you need to plug into it. If you plug power strips into an outlet in order to accommodate more gear, you'll probably void your equipment protection warranty.

To ensure protection against exceptionally large power surges, get a protector with a quick-blow or thermal fuse.

A faulty wiring indicator can spot trouble before it starts.

Some power conditioners add the ability to filter RFI/EMI interference. A line voltage meter and an ammeter may be included on some models. For guitar and bass rigs, handy pullout lights can let you view the settings and connections of your rack gear.

Line voltage regulators are even better. They maintain an even voltage regardless of the current they receive. They also shut down equipment in the event of extremely high voltages.

Musician's Friend carries a broad selection of power conditioners and surge protectors by Furman, Live Wire, and Juice Goose so you can be sure to find the protection that's right for you and your budget.

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# Daniel 2016-02-03 09:31
Hello! I want to protect my house devices from power surges and swings. And I know that there are different type of protection - wall outlet and primary protection system. Can you advise me what type is more affective. wall outlet protection is cheaper but we need too buy it for every device we have in the house. And primary protection is more expensive. But is it more reliable too? Will it be able to protect very device?

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