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Great Reasons to Video Your Practices, Performances and Recording Sessions

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DIY video can help you smooth out performance wrinkles, catch musical mistakes and deliver footage to build your fanbase and fill seats at your next show.

Before we get into all the good things that can grow out of recording yourself, let’s get something out of the way: Like looking at yourself in the mirror, viewing video footage of yourself can be squirm-inducing.

Get over it.

Getting comfortable with seeing yourself on video can be a big help in becoming more comfortable with live performance. Videoing practices and rehearsals will also disclose things you’re doing wrong that are easily missed onstage. Everything from between-song chatter that goes on too long to moments when the band’s not meshing will be revealed with brutal honesty—that is if you watch the videos with the intention of getting better.

Record Your Performance From The Crowd's POV

Warts and all, reviewing your performances on video can be a great way for you and your bandmates to tighten up both musically and performance-wise. A full-set video can help pinpoint slow spots in your show and refine setlists. A camera with decent sound capture placed on a tripod among the crowd can also be a terrific way to assess your FOH sound.

Filming Yourself To Identify Playing Problems

Maybe you already record your practices with audio gear. That’s good. Videos are even better. They can disclose problems with playing technique—everything from fretting and picking errors to rough chord transitions become apparent on video. Recording practices can also spark ideas for cool new arrangements or stage business.

Watching video recordings of earlier practice sessions can be inspirational if you’re feeling stuck with your musical development. Play an old recording to see how far you’ve advanced. Getting comfortable with watching yourself on screen can also help you be a more relaxed live performer.

Edit Your Performance For The Best Parts

Nowadays simple editing of performance footage is dead easy using any of the countless apps and software titles out there. Slicing and dicing performances to grab the best bits is a great way to build your online presence and help book shows.

A well-edited performance clip should be a part of your electronic press kit. (You do have one, right? They’re pretty essential these days for getting bookings.)

And be sure you’ve got your camera on hand when recording. Footage of of you tracking your latest EP in the studio can be a great involvement tool with your fanbase on social media. With the right kind of footage, you could be the hottest thing on YouTube!

If those videos you’ve been recording on your phone lack the sonic and visual definition and punch you want, check out the comprehensive Musician’s Friend collection of GoPro cameras and accessories. Many are designed specifically with musicians’ must-haves in mind.

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