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Welcome to The HUB's Tech Tip center where you'll find musician-friendly advice about how to get the best out of your instruments, amps, and recording gear. If you don't know the difference between a balanced and unbalanced input or want to learn how to install premium Gibson pickups in your Epiphone guitar, you've arrived at the right place. In coming weeks we'll be posting expert advice on setting up your guitar for optimal playability, the ins and outs of using a mixer, effects pedal signal chains, getting single coil tone without the hum, and a whole lot more.

Popular Microphone Techniques for Vocals, Guitars and Drums with Warm Audio WA-87

Popular Microphone Techniques for Vocals, Guitars and Drums

Posted on .

What are the best mic placement for vocals, guitars or drums? Read on to learn about some of the most widely used techniques.

What’s Better: Dedicated Stompboxes or Multi-effects Pedals?

What’s Better: Dedicated Guitar Pedals or Multi-Effects Pedals?

Posted on .

Where should you put your money? Into specialized, single-effect pedals? Or go for a versatile guitar multi-processor with a huge range of effects, editing and patch-saving capabilities?

Can I Record & Mix Music Just Using Headphones?

Can I Record & Mix Music Just Using Headphones?

Posted on .

Are studio monitor speakers essential for home or mobile studio owners or can you get away with just using headphones?

Live Sound Engineer David Gaumé

Live Sound Engineer David Gaumé on Serving the Bands and the Fans

Posted on .

Nearly two-decades of club and touring FOH work inform his take on the audio gear and go-to strategies that please everybody.

How To Mic Guitar Amps and Cabs in the Studio

How to Mic Guitar Amps and Speaker Cabinets in the Studio

Posted on .

Here are 8 great tips and techniques for miking up guitar amplifiers in the recording studio.

Transform Your Standard Strat Into a Stinging Blues Beast

Modify Your Stratocaster Into a Stinging Blues Beast

Posted on .

Whether you’ve got a U.S.-built American Professional or an imported Player Series Strat, this game-changing pickup upgrade will have you rockin’ the blues like never before!

Musician's Friend's Ryan Silo tweaks his guitar pedalboard

Anatomy of a Guitar Pedalboard

Posted on .

Ryan Silo of Musician’s Friend dishes on his two-chain guitar effects pedalboard and the stomp boxes he can’t live without.

How to DJ Weddings and Formal Events

How to DJ Weddings and Formal Events: Gear, Tips and More

Posted on .

A comprehensive guide for the aspiring wedding DJ, from the necessary pro audio equipment to how to prepare for DJ'ing your first wedding reception.

Miking Techniques with Blue Microphones and Cameron Webb

How to Mic Vocals, Acoustic Guitars and Pianos

Posted on .

Producer Cameron Webb reveals secrets to choosing the right microphones and positioning them to professionally record your performance.

How To Mic and Mix Your Acoustic Guitar

How to Mic and Mix Your Acoustic Guitar for Stellar Sound

Posted on .

Vital tips to make your recorded guitar come alive using the right microphones and techniques

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