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Welcome to The HUB's Tech Tip center where you'll find musician-friendly advice about how to get the best out of your instruments, amps, and recording gear. If you don't know the difference between a balanced and unbalanced input or want to learn how to install premium Gibson pickups in your Epiphone guitar, you've arrived at the right place. In coming weeks we'll be posting expert advice on setting up your guitar for optimal playability, the ins and outs of using a mixer, effects pedal signal chains, getting single coil tone without the hum, and a whole lot more.

Audio Compression Settings for Recording Bass Guitar

Tech Tip: Compression Settings for Recording Bass Guitar

Posted on .

Need some help getting your bass to come through your mixes? Meet your new best friend, the compressor.

Touring: A Threat to Your Emotional Health?

Posted on .

Perils of life on the road can include the not-so-obvious things too.

Music Gear Surge Protection Tech Tip

What Kind of Surge Protection Do I Need for My Gear?

Posted on .

Momentary power spikes can destroy expensive pro audio gear in an instant. Learn how to protect it.

Guitar Health: Part 2

Posted on .

More about hearing and hand protection, joint trouble, and the impact of upper body strength on musicians who strap on their instruments.

5 Basics for Learning Classical Guitar

Posted on .

Here are some crucial tips to get you started right on a nylon string guitar.

10 Steps to Success for Independent Music Artists

Posted on .

Take these essential attitudes and actions to heart and give your indie music career a kick in the pants.

Mods to Give your Guitar a Whole New Voice

Mods to Give your Guitar a Whole New Voice

Posted on .

These guitar tweaks offer big payoffs in expanding your musical palette.

Guitar Talk 101

Guitar Talk 101 - A Glossary of Guitar Terms You Need To Know

Posted on .

Musician's Friend has created a reference guide of definitions for all the important guitar terms and slang you need to know. 

Guitar Health: Part 1

Posted on .

You only get one body in this life. Learn how to tone and preserve it for a long and healthy lifetime of playing.

Upgrading Your Electric Guitar Gear

Posted on .

Essential tips on updating your rig with a new guitar, amp or effects that will help you show off those hard-earned licks

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