Guitar Accessories & Parts

How to Choose the Right Strings for Your Electric Guitar

Need help finding the best strings for your electric guitar? Musician's Friend will help you pick the right set for you and your guitar.

How to Choose the Right Strings for Your Acoustic or Classical Guitar

Need help choosing the best strings for your acoustic guitar? Let the experts at Musician's Friend help!

Modify Your Stratocaster Into a Stinging Blues Beast

Whether you’ve got a U.S.-built American Professional or an imported Player Series Strat, this game-changing pickup upgrade will have you rockin’ the blues like never before!

Tech Tip: How to Get the Best Guitar Setup

You finally bought that guitar you've been eyeing for a long time. You open the case, gently remove it from its plush cradle, and hold it in your arms. A fresh pick in your fingers, you begin an elegant and complex arpeggio that ranges across the fretboard. Suddenly, right in the middle of the run, the strings start buzzing. You check your technique and it's fine. So what's the problem?

How to Choose the Right Strings for Your Bass Guitar

Need help figuring out which bass strings to buy? We'll help you pick the right set for you and your bass.

Guitar Hardshell Case or Gig Bag - How to Choose

Need help choosing between a hardshell case or a gig bag for your guitar? They both have their pluses & minuses—here’s what to consider when choosing.

Bass Guitar Buying Guide

In this buying guide we’ll walk you through all the essentials of choosing a bass guitar. You’ll learn about the parts of the electric bass, its electronics, the various body types, pickups, and much more.

How to Choose Guitar or Bass Amp Replacement Speakers

The ins and outs of replacing and upgrading speakers in guitar and bass combo amps and speaker cabinets

Guitarist’s Buying Guide to iOS Gear

How to find the right iOS-compatible audio equipment for your iPhone or iPad to help make you a better playing and sounding guitarist

Tech Tip: How to Install Gibson Pickups in Epiphone Guitars

Hot Rod your Epiphone with Genuine Gibson Pickups. Do It Yourself!

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