Using Pitch Correction Software to Fix Vocals Without Actually Using It

Producer Ronan Chris Murphy reveals how he gets better vocal intonation using software, but without applying it to finished tracks.

What Producers Do and Why You May Need One

Our panel of audio producers and mastering engineers explain how they work and weigh in on what they can do to help bring your musical vision to life.

The Art of Sound: A Conversation with Producer Christoffer “Kid” Andersen

Photo: Rachel Kumar

Kid Andersen calls his studio Greaseland, and that offers a couple of clues about both him and his musical persuasions. Andersen revels in the greasy vibe of old-school Southern blues and soul music and possesses a rapid and wry sense of humor that he uses to good effect in keeping things playful during tracking sessions.

Tech Tip: Gigging with Mobile Devices: Make Those Backing Tracks Mono, Part 2

Why you want to mix your backing tracks in mono and how to do it right

The Top 10 Apps to Help You Make Better Music

By Ryan Piercy

As part of iOS Month at Musician’s Friend, we’ve compiled a list of the top music apps to help you do more with your phone and tablet than you ever thought possible. Making music with a mobile device is no longer a novelty, as these apps can transform your iPhone or iPad into a musical instrument, a recording workstation, digital turntables, and more! All are available for download at the Apple App Store.

A Conversation with Rick Beato—Classical- and Jazz-Trained Musician Turned Rock Producer

By Barry M Rivman

The key to a long career in music is versatility, and nothing enables versatility like a music education—especially these days when a producer has to wear so many hats (unless you’re Slash, in which case just a top hat will do). With a roster of artists as diverse as his musical taste, Rick Beato is living proof that a jazz- and classically trained musician can rock with the best of them. A graduate of the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music, Rick found himself in Atlanta in the ’90s, where he formed the innovative hard-rock band, Billionaire. While recording their major-label debut, Rick became enamored with the process of recording and turned his attention to the other side of the glass.

Tech Tip: Sample Rate and Bit Depth—An Introduction to Sampling

By Dennis Kambury

If you've ever pondered the specs for digital audio and weren't quite sure what numbers like 16-bit/44.1kHz really mean, this tutorial will give you the information you need to understand the basics of digital audio.

Hands-On Review: Yamaha MG166CX Mixing Console

Take the MG out for a spin and experience top-down performance

Hands-On Review: MXL 990 Condenser Microphones

Raise the bar and lower the price—now try to sing in that position—MXL can!

Hands-On Review: Allen & Heath ZED-14 USB Mixer

A low-cost mixer with a surprising array of features

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