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The Hub is the place to be for the critical resources musician’s need when shopping for gear and instruments. You can count on on our exclusive Buying Guides to walk you through the complexities of everything from recording equipment to live sound gear to the ins and outs of choosing the right guitar, bass, drums, or keyboard. You’ll learn all about the key features and specs and how to choose the music gear that’s right for your style and budget. The Hub’s always-expanding Hands-On Product Reviews dive deep into specific music gear and instruments to give you the perspectives of seasoned musicians. Bookmark this page and check in at The Hub whenever you feel the need for some more gear knowledge.

Roland's new SE-02 Analog Synthesizer

Hands-On Review: Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer

Posted on .

Get hands on with Roland's new SE-02, an analog synthesizer designed in collaboration with Studio Electronics.

Guitar Notes with Brian Baggett

Digging into Delay Effects for Guitar

Posted on .

Exploring the different types of delays, parameters and uses of this popular guitar effect.

Bassist Bakithi Kumalo

A Conversation with Bassist Bakithi Kumalo

Posted on .

Paul Simon’s groove keeper for three decades talks gear, paying dues in Soweto & practicing on a cardboard bass.

Audio Compression Settings for Recording Bass Guitar

Tech Tip: Compression Settings for Recording Bass Guitar

Posted on .

Need some help getting your bass to come through your mixes? Meet your new best friend, the compressor.

Semi-Hollowbody Guitar Buying Guide

Semi-Hollowbody Guitar Buying Guide

Posted on .

The essential things to know when you go shopping for a semi-hollowbody electric guitar.

Wattage, Speaker Efficiency, and Amplifier "Loudness"

Tech Tip: Wattage, Speaker Efficiency, and Amplifier "Loudness"

Posted on .

When it comes to volume, a speaker's rated wattage is only part of the equation

Guitar and Bass Effects Buying Guide

Guitar and Bass Effects Buying Guide

Posted on .

Take a deep dive into the specs and features that matter when you shop for stomp boxes or multi-effects processors

DJ Buying Guide to Keyboard Controllers

How to choose a MIDI Keyboard Controller for DJ'ing

Posted on .

How to choose a keyboard controller to help run your show and create killer grooves and songs

Novation Circuit

Novation Circuit Gets An Update - 1.6 Firmware Released

Posted on .

Novation releases Circuit firmware 1.6, bringing some great performance enhancements. 

How to Choose the Right Guitar or Bass Amp Replacement Speakers

How to Choose Guitar or Bass Amp Replacement Speakers

Posted on .

The ins and outs of replacing and upgrading speakers in guitar and bass combo amps and speaker cabinets

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