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The Hub is the place to be for the critical resources musician’s need when shopping for gear and instruments. You can count on on our exclusive Buying Guides to walk you through the complexities of everything from recording equipment to live sound gear to the ins and outs of choosing the right guitar, bass, drums, or keyboard. You’ll learn all about the key features and specs and how to choose the music gear that’s right for your style and budget. The Hub’s always-expanding Hands-On Product Reviews dive deep into specific music gear and instruments to give you the perspectives of seasoned musicians. Bookmark this page and check in at The Hub whenever you feel the need for some more gear knowledge.

Cymbals Buying Guide

Cymbals: How To Choose The Right Ones For Your Drum Kit

Posted on .

A buying guide for choosing the right cymbals to match your drum kit, music and budget

Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb 12W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

5 Not-So-Famous Fender Facts

Posted on .

Win trivia bets with these little-known events drawn from the annals of Fender history.

Open Box at Musician's Friend

Save with Open Box Gear at Musician's Friend

Posted on .

Imperfections in gear and/or packaging can help you stretch your budget

Musician's Friend Welcomes Walrus Audio!

Walrus Audio: Pedals To Bathe Your Guitar in Sonic Goodness

Posted on .

The boutique guitar pedal builder delivers a breathtaking array of compressors, delays, reverbs, & overdrive effects.

Torrefied Tops - Gibson 2016 Hummingbird True Vintage Square Shoulder Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Vintage Cherry

Torrefied Tops: Vintage Sounds out of Modern Guitars

Posted on .

How oven-roasting wood mimics the effects of time

Roland Corporation

Roland Founder Ikutaro Kakehashi Dies

Posted on .

His innovations, including the iconic TR-808 drum machine, still influence music today.

Moog Mother-32 Semi Modular Synth Modules In a 3-Tier Rack Kit

7 Reasons Every Guitarist Should Own A Synthesizer

Posted on .

Are you a guitarist looking to expand your sound?

Guitar Notes with Brian Baggett

Paul Bigsby — The Man Behind the Whammy Bar

Posted on .

Paul Bigsby—The Man Behind the Whammy Bar

Silver Creek Harmonicas

Product Spotlight: Silver Creek Harmonicas

Posted on .

Silver Creek Harmonicas - Reliable, Professionally Presentable and Economically Minded

Combo, Half Stack, or Full Stack?

Guitar Combo, Half Stack or Full Stack?

Posted on .

Which one’s right for you & the places you play & record?

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