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Get the straight skinny on the music gear you want with The Hub’s exclusive Hands-On Reviews. You’ll find in-depth details on all manner of musical instruments including guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and many more. Looking for live sound or recording hardware or software? We’ve got you covered there too. Whether you’re a DJ seeking to amp up your show, a beginning guitarist looking for learning tools, or a seasoned weekend warrior searching for the right music gear and accessories to fit your needs and budget, count on The Hub for no-B.S. product reviews. And be sure to stay tuned as we continue to add new music equipment reviews in the coming months.

Ampeg SCR-DI Bass Guitar Pedal Scrambler Review

Hands-On Review: Ampeg SCR-DI Bass Guitar Pedal with Scrambler Overdrive

Posted on .

An innovative combination of preamp, overdrive, DI, and practice tool—this all-in-one, rugged stomp also puts a huge range of classic Ampeg tonal textures at your feet.

Fender Passport Event Review

Hands-On Review: Fender Passport Event

Posted on .

An all-in-one PA rig that’s easy to use and ideal for mid-sized venues

Seven Online Guitar Tuners Rated

Seven Online Guitar Tuners Rated

Posted on .

We look at a handful of virtual guitar tuners and compare their capabilities with real, hardware-based units.

The Indestructible Shure SM58 Mic

The Indestructible Shure SM58 Mic: Our Torture Tests Video Prove It’s a Survivor

Posted on .

Shure Mike abuses this iconic mic with a series of punishing tests that would quickly trash lesser microphones

Triad-Orbit Stand System

The Triad-Orbit Stand System: A Smarter Way to Mount Your Mics and Other Gear

Posted on .

Mic stands don’t get usually get much attention until they fall apart or take a nosedive with one of your prized Neumanns mounted on it. The engineers at Triad-Orbit have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about mic stands, and it shows. They build some of the most rugged, adjustable, stable and smooth-operating stands we’ve ever encountered. And a line of adapters allows you to integrate Triad-Orbit components with conventional stands. An extensive range of couplers and other hardware gives you nearly limitless options in setting up and positioning stands.

Top 10 Guitar Tuning Apps

Top 10 Guitar Tuning Apps

Posted on .

Our pick of the top 10 tuning apps available for your smartphone or tablet.

Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Review

Product Review: Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess

Posted on .

Built to handle the diverse performance demands of the Rush frontman, this LP covers sonic territory well beyond the capabilities of ordinary guitars.

Marzi Montazeri: Randall Thrasher Guitar Head

Marzi Montazeri's New WMD: The Randall Thrasher Guitar Head

Posted on .

The Heavy As Texas/Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals shredder reveals why this fire-breathing 120W all-tube amp has become the key to his onstage assault. He also offers up a quick-lick lesson to put in your riff toolbox.

Review: Electro-Voice ETX Powered Loudspeakers

Hands-On Review: Electro-Voice ETX Powered Loudspeaker Series

Posted on .

Product Review: Alesis DM iPad Dock

Dock Into A New Ecosystem Of Drums with the iPad DM Dock from Alesis

Posted on .

Transform your iPad into a fully-functional drum module loaded with sounds and training tools to sharpen your chops.

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