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The Triad-Orbit Stand System: A Smarter Way to Mount Your Mics and Other Gear

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Mic stands don’t get usually get much attention until they fall apart or take a nosedive with one of your prized Neumanns mounted on it. The engineers at Triad-Orbit have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about mic stands, and it shows. They build some of the most rugged, adjustable, stable and smooth-operating stands we’ve ever encountered. And a line of adapters allows you to integrate Triad-Orbit components with conventional stands. An extensive range of couplers and other hardware gives you nearly limitless options in setting up and positioning stands.

ORBIT 2 Dual-Arm Orbital Boom

The first thing you’ll notice when picking up a Triad-Orbit stand is its heft. The substantial, all-metal construction is a far cry from flimsy budget stands. Well designed articulating bases with  ratcheting feet that lock into four different positions can eliminate the need for counter-balancing booms. Stands can tilt to a pitch of up to 65 degrees which makes setting up in difficult situations such as on stairs or on uneven outdoor terrain a snap.

When a boom is needed, the ORBIT Orbital Boom design offers a huge 360º x 220º range of motion and incorporates the company’s IO Quick-Change Couplers—a snap-together locking system that eliminates threaded connectors. If you’ve ever struggled with stripped threads on a mic stand, you’ll recognize what a plus that is.

Triad-Orbit manufactures a line of MICRO-R and IO-R couplers with which you can retrofit your old stands. Since the couplers can be mounted on any boom with standard threads, there’s no need to ditch your old gear. The time you’ll save on setups and teardowns onstage or in the studio will quickly provide payback on your investment.

iORBIT iPad Holder

Triad-Orbit manufactures a number of specialty adapters and mounts that take into account the changing studio and performance landscape. A great example is the iORBIT iPad Holder. Equipped with an IO Quick Change Coupler, it mounts quickly on any stand while a spring-loaded frame securely holds your tablet in place. A stainless steel ball mechanism swivels effortlessly to position your iPad precisely and securely where you want it.

Another innovative part of the system is the ORBIT 2 Dual-Arm Orbital Boom. Its arms are both fitted with the ORBIT ball swivel mechanism, making it a great choice for any dual-mic situation such as miking the beater and resonant heads on a snare drum or any stereo miking situation. It sets up fast, and like everything else in the system, provides rock-solid stability coupled with a nearly unlimited range of motion.


The Triad-Orbit stand system was tested in a professional recording studio environment on drums, acoustic guitars, and vocal mics as well as in live recording application with microphones of various sizes and weights. The system’s various tripod settings make them ideal for awkward setups and tight spaces such as those between the various shells of a drum kit, orchestra configurations as well as uneven surface setups such as on staircases. The IO coupler system makes it possible to adapt any microphone stand to the Triad Orbit system—a huge plus.

Due to their solid construction, the components are heavy, making them a bit more cumbersome to transport. However, they readily collapse into compact, low-profile shapes that are easy to store and haul.

In our opinion, this is among the best and most practical microphone stand systems we’ve seen. Although more expensive than many ordinary stands, their incredible functionality coupled with far greater durability makes the components’ price tags totally justifiable. Highly recommended.

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