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Product Spotlight: Live Wire Elite Series Cables

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High-quality cables for the discerning, value-conscious professional

Live Wire Elite Instrument Cable

One of the ongoing debates in music technology of the “verities or balderdash” variety deals with audiophile vs. ordinary cables and whether or not one can hear a difference between them. Though some triple-blind tests say no, I’ve actually read reviews of high-end cables that described the effects the cable had on specific instruments in an orchestral recording. Obviously, these cables (costing thousands) were made for the emperor (to match his see-through wardrobe). Not to doubt the veracity of the reviewer (okay, to doubt it quite a bit), but to my knowledge, cables are passive devices. The only thing a cable can do to “enhance” sound quality is by not subtracting anything—but it certainly can’t add anything. If you want to make sure your cables aren’t throwing a blanket over your sound, you’ll still need a quality cable. But when we’re talking about mic, instrument, and speaker cables for musicians, the real question is, how far technologically (and financially) do you really have to go?

Live Wire Elite series overview

In selecting cables, there are just a few questions you really need to concern yourself with: Are the cables well-built with quality connectors—will they stand up to use and abuse on the gig? Will they reject noise and present a clean signal? Are you spending way too much for no appreciable return? You’ll find all the right answers in Live Wire’s Elite series—high-quality cables that give you all the performance you could ask for without decimating your wallet.

Live Wire Elite is the result of over 25 years of cable research and development, both onstage and in the studio. Live Wire’s extensive technical knowledge and real-world experience have come together to create their highest-quality cable, providing clarity for session work and rock-solid durability in performance environments.

What does it take to make quality cable?

There are certain engineering basics that must be adhered to, but anything beyond that becomes subjective. For example, high-quality cables employ oxygen-free copper (OFC). To make OFC, the copper is reheated in an oxygen-free environment in order to reduce or eliminate copper crystal boundaries, thus reducing resistance. OFC is considered the highest grade of copper; the metal’s purity reportedly makes the cable even more stable. While the advantages are not scientifically measurable, proponents swear by the sonic advantages of OFC. Before you conclude that it’s snake oil, as audio researcher and inventor Dr. Richard Heyser once said, “One of the worst-kept secrets in audio engineering is that what we hear does not always correlate with what we measure.”

Is there a distinct sonic advantage to OFC? That’s hard to say. However, it certainly doesn’t take anything away from sound; and in case OFC supporters are right, it’s better to have it, and Live Wire Elite does.

World-class connectors

In a manner of speaking, this is where the rubber meets the road. The type of conductive material is not as important as the quality of construction. High-end audio manufacturers use gold contacts in their circuits because gold is a great conductor of electricity and doesn’t corrode. You’ll find gold-plated contacts on both the Elite Series instrument cables and microphone cables. The Live Wire series speaker cables use Neutrik connectors, which are generally considered to be among the finest around. Ultimately, the greatest determining factor in cable construction is tighter manufacturing tolerances and better quality control, which is what the Elite series is all about.

Live Wire Elite Instrument Cable

The cables

Live Wire Elite instrument cables are designed with professional features like 95% coverage braided shielding for excellent noise rejection, oxygen-free copper, a unique 18-gauge center-core conductor that provides greater signal transfer, and top-quality Neutrik connectors with black chromium shell plating and gold contacts that guarantee years of trouble-free performance.

With Live Wire Elite microphone cables, you’re looking at 24-gauge, quad cable construction for outstanding electromagnetic noise rejection, oxygen-free copper, 95% coverage braided shielding, and top-quality Neutrik connectors with black chromium shell plating and gold contacts.

Live Wire Elite speaker cables boast high-quality Neutrik connectors (all Speakon, jumbo 1/4", and “banana” configurations) and 12-gauge twisted-pair pure copper conductors.

Let’s get wired

Designed for serious musicians and audio professionals, with Live Wire Elite instrument, microphone, or speaker cables, you can be assured you’re getting the highest level of cable technology available at considerable savings. And to prove just how confident Live Wire is that their cables will stand up to anything you can throw at them and continue to deliver the highest-quality signal, all Live Wire Elite cables come with a lifetime guarantee.

Features & Specs

All Live Wire Elite instrument & mic cables are PVC jacketed and feature oxygen-free copper, 95% coverage braided shielding, and high-quality Neutrik connectors.

Instrument Cable

  • Length: 3'
  • Connectors: 1/4" straight-straight
  • AWG: 18-gauge
  • Gold contacts
  • Also Available as:
    • 6', 1/4" angled - angled
    • 10', 1/4" angled - straight
    • 18-1/2', 1/4" angled - straight
    • 18-1/2', 1/4" straight - straight
    • 25', 1/4" straight - straight

Quad Microphone Cable

  • Available lengths: 15'-50'
  • Connectors: M/F XLR (black)
  • AWG: 24-gauge quad cable
  • Gold contacts
  • PVC jacket

Speaker Cable

  • Length: 10'
  • Connectors: Speakon - Speakon
  • AWG: 12-gauge
  • PVC jacket
  • Also Available as:
    • 10', Speakon - 1/4"
    • 10', 1/4" angled - straight
    • 10', Speakon - Banana
    • 10', Banana - 1/4"
    • 5', 1/4" - 1/4"
    • 100', 1/4" - 1/4"

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