Rock-N-Roller R2 Micro Multi-Cart

Hands-On Review: Rock-N-Roller R12 All-Terrain Cart

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Can it really transport all your gear in one trip?

By Mike Fitch,
Musician’s Friend Staff Writer

As a drummer, I have a lot to haul. Because of this, time is of the essence. For years, I was stuck on that treadmill to and from my vehicle while the other band members helped. For that reason, and because my back needed a break, my interest was piqued when I was asked to review the Multi-Cart RockNRoller.

I was given an R12 All-Terrain cart, the flagship of the 5 model line-up, with big fat tires all around. There were two things I wanted to test on this baby. One was if it would haul everything I had in one trip, and the other was if it was truly an all-terrain transporter over all sorts of surfaces, including gravel and grass.

The RockNRoller transforms into 8 different shapes so I followed the pictures on the outside of the carton and expanded it into their #5 (Long Hi-Stacker) configuration. I piled on my bass drum, mounted toms, floor tom, snare, cymbals, hardware case, rug, and stick bag … with room to spare! Two of the wheels are fixed while two swivel and there are end rails that keep the gear from sliding off.

So out into the real world I went, pushing everything I had (or at least everything important to me) over sidewalks, handicap ramps, parking lots, gravel driveways, and lawns. The only time I had to lift and pull was when encountering some of our more notorious potholes, but the big wheels made it relatively easy, certainly easier than your common moving dolly or two-wheeler. Speaking of which, the RockNRoller also transforms into a two-wheeler and even features a stair-stepper rail making it easier to climb steep curbs and back-stage stairs. After all was said and done, I unloaded my gear and simply folded up the cart and placed it in the corner of my room, wondering how something so small can transport so much.

One-Trip Wonder

I’m still trying to figure out where this thing has been all my life. An animated demo on the website shows how easily the unit changes configurations. For sound applications, you can move a huge load of cabinets that would otherwise involve several arduous trips. For us drummers, it’s a one-stop shot.

Features & Specs

R2 (Micro):

  • Capacity: 350 lb.
  • Length: 26"-39"
  • 6" x 1.50" rear wheels
  • 4" x 1.0" front casters

R6 (Mini):

  • Capacity: 500 lb.
  • Length: 28"-42.5"
  • 8" x 2.50" pneumatic rear wheels
  • 4" x 1.0" front casters

R8 (Mid):

  • Capacity: 500 lb.
  • Length: 34"-52"
  • 8" x 2.50" pneumatic rear wheels
  • 5" x 1.25" front casters

R10 (Max):

  • Same as R8 with:
  • 10" x 3.0" pneumatic rear wheels
  • 8" x 2.50" pneumatic front casters

R12 (All-Terrain):

  • Capacity: 500 lb.
  • 10" x 3.0" pneumatic rear wheels
  • 8" x 2.50" pneumatic front casters
  • Length: 34"-52"

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