Reviews from the Road: Acoustic G100FX Guitar Combo Amp

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The Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G100FX Combo Amp comes to the rescue

By Bradley Weinholtz

I recently played a gig near Phoenix with Zappa/Porter & The Hot Cannolis—a fun date with helpings of funk, soul, R&B, and doo-wop. My Musicman 65 Watt 1x12 was acting oddly, so I borrowed an Acoustic Lead Series G100FX figuring the 100 watts of power and 12” speaker would be a good match up with my Line 6 75W Spider. My Line 6 was programmed and ready to rock a couple of clean and lead tones. I needed the G100FX to provide the additional clean tones for my two-amp rig. I did my routine equipment check the night before to ensure everything was working before driving 400 miles to Phoenix.

I was pleasantly surprised when I plugged into the G100FX for the first time. The medium-sized combo produced a beautiful clean and undistorted tone when I set the volume at 8. I was about to crank it further when the wife burst into my home studio pointing out it was after midnight. Backing off the volume a bit, I fiddled with the spring reverb and 3-band EQ and got a tone that was extremely close to my Musicman’s.

Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G100FX 100W 1x12 Guitar Combo AmpAcoustic’s G100FX made a great last-minute stand-in and offers amazing bang for the buck.

Though I intended to use the amp exclusively for my clean tone, I couldn’t resist checking out the lead channel. There were several awesome sweet spots, ranging from a rich, growling crunch to a mind-melting scream. The amp has a footswitch input, so I connected a generic two-button unit. One switch toggled between the clean and lead channels and the other turned the chorus on and off.

This was an R&B gig and I already had the lead tones dialed in with my Line 6. To add additional textures and color to my performance, I decided to bring my pedalboard along to run through the effects loop of the G100FX. I loaded it up with a bunch of old stomps including a non-branded phaser, flanger, and pitch shifter plus an original Boss DS1 distortion, Boss CE2 chorus, and Electro-Harmonix Soul Preacher. With some amps I have experienced a slight power loss when using these older pedals, but with the G100FX I heard no dropoff in power.

The amplifier was easy to haul at only 31 pounds and fit on my Pro Line amp stand perfectly. During the soundcheck I realized that using the G100FX’s mid shift button was the only adjustment I needed when switching between my Strat and Gibson ES135. The digital delay came in handy on a couple of tunes as well.

The Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G100FX 100 watt passed my road test with flying colors and is a great value in its sub-$300 price range. Acoustic also makes a 35-watt version, the G35FX, which has some of the same key features including a 3-band EQ, mid-shift button, spring reverb, digital delay, and chorus for a street price of $99.

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