Fender Limited Edition American Standard Tele

Q&A: Fender Limited Edition American Standard Telecaster

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Just 50 of these distinctive Teles are available in the U.S., exclusively from Musician’s Friend.

Image by Eric Fairchild

Musician’s Friend recently collaborated with Fender to create a not-so-standard Limited Edition Standard Telecaster to stand apart from the crowd visually and sonically. Fender’s design team delivered in spades, the result being the Limited Edition Standard Rosewood Neck Ash Telecaster. Maybe it’s a mouthful to say, but this thing’s a pleasure to behold and play!

We asked Joey Brasler, Fender’s Product Development VP, to detail how this Tele differs from ordinary Standard Telecasters.

Q: What makes this model different than other Fender American Standards?

A: At a dealer’s request, Fender will occasionally create limited edition models, often based on specs from a player’s favorite series. For the Musician’s Friend’s Limited Edition American Standard Telecaster, the differences are (1) a solid 1-piece rosewood neck with a laser etched “Fender” headstock logo, (2) a custom stain finish and (3) a body wood upgrade. The Musician’s Friend Tele comes in a rare trans-walnut finish on an ash body.

In general, rosewood necks sound a little bit different than maple. Some players feel that they are a bit rounder sounding on top with plenty of low-mid response. The feel and dynamic response is fantastic. Of course, the look of the dark rosewood neck is visually stunning.

Fender Limited Tele Headstock

Q: What is the wood selection process like for this model?

A: Rosewood neck “blanks” (or a block of wood big enough to cut a 1-piece neck from) are fairly hard to find, so just sourcing enough of them to do a run is a pretty lucky thing. Rosewood is a strong, consistent and dark wood, so the selection process is all about simply finding enough of it for the run. The ash body on this particular guitar is an upgrade to the alder we typically use on Telecasters.

Q: Who’s the ideal musician for this guitar?

A: American Standard Series guitars are treasured by players who look for the ultimate Fender quality, playability and tone. It’s not the least expensive Fender you can buy, but these are the guitars that get handed down from generation to generation.

Q: How was the pickup choice influenced by the wood choice?

A: The Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele neck pickup and Custom Shop Broadcaster pickup are player favorites regardless of neck or body wood, as they provide an almost magical combination of sparkling high-end, warm, well-defined midrange and full, clear lows.

Q: Is the series numbered? Can I buy a specific number?

A: The series is not numbered, but these limited-edition Telecasters are available in very limited numbers.

Q: Are there any other unique feature folks should be aware of?

Too many spices can sometimes spoil the recipe. The combination of a solid rosewood neck and a special unique finish, in tandem with the features of the American Standard Tele is enchanting. Some would say it’s just perfect.



# Wayne 2016-08-13 07:36
What is the Fender 10 digit part number?
# Gregg Penley 2016-08-10 15:12
Where are they made. What is the price?
# Richard 2016-08-12 09:33
Made in the USA
# Doreen Pierce 2016-08-10 20:09

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