Hands-On Review: Elixir Polyweb Guitar Strings

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Sound Quality that Lasts!

by F.B. Bodine

Elixir Polyweb Acoustic Light Strings

When it comes to guitar strings, every player knows that new strings sound the best. They are usually bright and crisp, and the guitar delivers a punch most musician's prefer.

Every player also knows that when you play at Joe's Bar & Barbecue and eat a bucket of buffalo wings between sets, you're bound to get your strings a little mucked up. But barbecue sauce isn't the only thing that'll put the greasy squeeze on your strings. Perspiration, body oils, dirt and corrosion are all out to get your strings and compromise their sound quality and brightness.

Coating a wound guitar string will theoretically reduce contamination and extend the musical life of a string. Nylon, polyurethane, and even expensive metals have been applied to guitar strings to provide protection. Unfortunately, string brightness, volume and sound are harshly compromised by these coatings.

ELIXIR string's polyweb coating give you sound quality that lasts.

ELIXIR guitar strings are the solution for serious musicians who need great sound, consistent performance during gigs and studio sessions, and the added benefits of low noise, less squeak and fast fret action. Casual players prefer ELIXIRS because a guitar can sit in its case for two months and still sound fresh when you pull it out and jam. And players of all levels really dig the comfortable feel of the Polyweb coating on the wound strings.

How did Gore develop ELIXIR strings?

Several years ago, Gore scientists were using guitar strings to develop an improved push-pull cable. The scientists quickly learned that it was easy to coat a guitar string, but not so easy to make a coated guitar string that sounds great.

Next, the Gore team started developing experimental strings, and had them evaluated by nearly 15,000 guitar players during the past year. Input from these players lead to major improvements and minor tweaking, unit they were ready to test the first ELIXIR prototypes. Affectionately called the "ugly strings," they were tested by another 5,000 musicians, who declared them not quite bright enough. Back at the drawing board, the Gore crew continued refining and tweaking until they created strings that guitarists agreed had great sound, excellent durability, and they even looked really cool.

How does the Gore team know their ELIXIR strings last longer and deliver more sustain?

They studied the physics of a guitar string by rating the sound quality in side-by-side experiments and measuring the results with a dynamic signal analyzer (DSA). DSA testing is particularly effctive in evaluating the exceptional sustain of ELIXIR strings. Gore also designed and built a unique abrasion testing device that simulates the wear of the coating during play. Coating durability was also evaluated using high-speed photography. Using these tests, the Gore scientists were able to improve the Polyweb coating and ensure that ELIXIR strings meet musician's expectations.

No need to wipe them down after jamming... the coating does the work!

ELIXIR guitar strings perform because of the unique attributes of the Polyweb coating. This coating is made of a high-tech polymer that is remarkably light and delivers a bright sound with fantastic tone and heavyweight sustain. The Polyweb coating does wear off slowly during play, but sound quality is not affected while the coating wears.

Acoustic String with Polyweb Coating

Acoustic String

Electric String with Polyweb Coating

Electric String

There is a very light polymer coating on the surface of the guitar string windings, with the majority of the coating applied between the windings to minimize contamination. The result: as you don't even have to wipe your strings down after a jam session, the coating does the work.

ELIXIR'S extended musical life make them a great value

Once you play them, you'll agree that ELIXIRS are one of the best guitar strings on the market today. Guitarists who evaluated them have reported the musical life of ELIXIRS are three to five times longer than the musical life of conventional guitar strings.

If you're a bass player interested in lashing a fresh set of ELIXIRS on your instrument, be patient. Gore is developing ELIXIR bass strings as I write, and they should be available later this year.

Thousands of guitarists can't be wrong. Especially when they have a team of scientists and experimental data to back them up. Gore ELIXIR guitar strings with their unique Polyweb coating can add a little extra punch, comfort and brightness to any playing style. And if you don't play everyday, ELIXIRS will still sound like fresh strings every time you play.

Gore ELIXIR Features:

  • Polyweb coating
  • Great sound and brightness
  • Consistent quality
  • Fast fret action
  • Comfortable feel
  • Less fret noise and squeaks
  • Reduced corrosion
  • Extended musical life
  • Tested by thousands of guitarists
  • Available in acoustic and electric versions (bass Elixirs coming soon!)
  • Gore ELIXIR acoustic strings (top) and electric strings have a very light polymer coating on the surface of the windings for extended life and greater sustain.

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