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Product Spotlight: DW Collectors Series Icon Snare Drums

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Three brilliant drummers each receive a stunningly artistic tribute

By Marty Paule

Drums are those cylindrical objects that ordinary drummers whack with sticks. In paying tribute to three extraordinary drummers—Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Neil Peart of Rush, and Roger Taylor of Queen—DW’s designer John Good recognized that drums of a different magnitude were called for. He rose to the challenge by creating three snare drums that achieve astonishing levels of artistry. These Icon Snares will undoubtedly appreciate over time and become the cherished focal points of world-class collections. Just 250 of each model will be built further assuring their collectibility.

The premise was simple: create a snare for each of these iconic drummers using the DW shell type and size each prefers. The execution, however, was far from simple. Each Icon Snare Drum has a design that graphically incorporates elements emblematic of each drummer’s band. The designs are first precision cut with a laser, and then, meticulously, each design element is inlaid by hand using an astounding assortment of wood veneers.

Roger Taylor, Neil Peart, and Nick Mason offer their reaction to the extraordinary Icon Snare Drums DW has honored each with.

The inlay work is both breathtaking in its complexity and instantly recognizable in its connection to the drummers and their bands.

DW Dark Side Icon Snare Drum

(Ed. Note: This model is no longer available) The Nick Mason/Pink Floyd model is emblazoned with the prism and waveform motifs that immediately evoke the band’s landmark album, Dark Side of the Moon. These motifs are made from a combination of basswood dyed in various shades and natural maple. The shell veneer is dyed grey birdseye maple that allows the figuring to show though. Hardware is finished in gorgeous black nickel that perfectly sets off the design. Nick’s Icon Snare is based on a Collector Series 10-ply HVLT (Vertical Low Timbre with horizontal outer ply) shell in a 6.5” x 14” configuration.

DW Time Machine Snare Drum

The Neil Peart/Rush Time Machine model’s graphic elements conjure up memories of the band’s momentous 2010 Time Machine Tour. They’re painstakingly inlaid with veneers of natural maple and walnut plus dyed poplar. The reddish tints of the richly figured padauk shell are picked up in the copper-plated hardware. Neil’s drum is based on a 10-ply Collector Series Maple VLT (vertical Low Timbre) shell in a 6.5” x 14” configuration.

DW Queen Icon Snare Drum

The Roger Taylor/Queen model uses as its centerpiece the elaborate crest designed by the band’s late vocalist Freddie Mercury. The crest elements are made of dyed orange maple and dyed red poplar. The Queen logo is formed from padauk. These inlays are beautifully complemented by stunningly figured birdseye maple. Hardware is plated in gleaming 24K gold. Roger’s drum is based on a 6.5” x 14” 11-ply Collector Series Maple HVLT (Vertical Low Timbre with horizontal outer ply) shell.

After the inlay work is completed, the drums receive a protective transparent lacquer finish. As you would expect with snare drums of this caliber, hardware and appointments are the finest available. All drums include DW’s MAG throw-off system with the 3P (three-position) butt plate. They’re equipped with True-Hoops, True-Tone snare wires, True-Pitch tuning, and DW heads by Remo USA.

A portion of the proceeds from sale of the Icon Series Snares will be donated to to each artist’s designated charity.

Sales of the Pink Floyd snare will benefit Roundhouse, a British organization that provides emerging music artists with a place to rehearse.

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation that provides cancer care will be the beneficiary of sales of the Neil Peart/ Rush snare.

The Roger Taylor/Queen Icon Snare’s sales will benefit the Mercury Phoenix Trust which combats AIDS worldwide.

Explore the entire Musician’s Friend collection of DW drum kits, pedals and hardware.

Or call a friendly, knowledgeable Gear Head at at (800) 449-9128 for more information on the Icon Snare series or any other gear.

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# Christian boose 2016-01-13 20:23
They are are all 1,500
# Wallace H Carroll Sr 2014-04-26 03:32
They are great looking snares! Since I'm a drummer what is the price of the snares?

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