Hands-On Review: CAD Drum Mic Packs

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Turn up your drums!

By Chris Wood

I play the drums most weekends in situations ranging from tiny club stages to outdoor venues with vast stages and a drum riser. It's my contention that a set of good drum mics is the great equalizer, letting you sound your best in any environment. In small rooms I just need a little kick drum amplification, while for outdoor gigs I mic every drum plus hi-hat and cymbals. CAD's mic packages for drummers make it easy and amazingly affordable to get miked up.

A mic for every reason

More musicians are getting hip to the extraordinary value of CAD mics all the time. Their quality design, strength of construction, and great sound are remarkable, delivering lots of bang-for-the-buck for the drummer on a budget. These mic packs, all exclusive to Musician's Friend (except for the DMTP-4), come with mic mounts and offer drummers a variety of mic combinations that will cover the needs of miking drum sets and percussion stations large or small. The Drummer's 6 Pak and PMP43/DSM-1 each come in a sturdy aluminum carrying case, while the Pro-7 and DMTP-4 Drum Mic Touring packs come in padded and plastic cases, respectively. Just pick the pack that fits you, and you can be sure every note you play will come across loud and clear, every time.

Mounted up

CAD DSM-1 Metal Microphone Mount

These drum mic packs all come with a full complement of drum mounts. The Pro-7 and Touring Pack come with their own integral drum mounts. The Drummer's 6 Pak and PMP43/DSM-1 include DSM-1 metal mounts. These DSM-1 mounts easily adjust to fit most lug-type drums, have a quick-release design, and have an integral shock isolator that greatly reduces extraneous noise. The rugged die-cast and steel construction is built to last, and rubber isolating pads ensure that the finish of your drums is not damaged.

Pump up the bass

CAD KBM412 Bass Drum Microphone

The very well-made, large-diameter neodymium-element KBM412 is specifically designed for miking bass drums and other low frequency sources. The durable die-cast body has a hardened external screen that keeps it from being damaged by stray licks from your drumsticks. The extended low-end frequency response and high-SPL-level handling capacity give it the exceptional response needed to mic kick, floor toms, or other large-diameter percussion or electric bass cabinets. The shock-isolating swivelmount makes it easy to put the KBM412 just where it's needed.

CAD KM212 Dynamic Microphone

The KM212 is another high-performance dynamic mic specifically designed for kick drum and other low frequencies. Its capsule is designed to capture high SPL instruments with extended low frequencies beneath 100Hz. The KM212's excellent transient response delivers exceptional bass detail and clarity.

Proven Performance

CAD TSM411 SuperCardioid Dynamic Microphone

The TSM411 is a workhorse mic that covers a variety of musical applications and delivers a level of excellence that belies its' small profile. Its' tiny footprint keeps it out of the way and the all-new "duo -point" suspension provides excellent shock isolation and ballistic stability, all especially critical factors when dealing with the sudden-impact audio of percussion. The TSM411 is great for reproducing toms, snares, cymbals, congas, guitar and keyboard amps, stacks, and more.

The TSM411 uses a neodymium dynamic element that provides brilliant, transparent reproduction. The supercardioid polar pattern focuses the sound on toms or snare without picking up a lot of extraneous sound from the rest of your drum set, and the 50Hz-15kHz frequency response ensures your toms sound full, punchy, and bright.

Condensers: high-end sizzle

The GXL1200 is a small yet rugged little condenser mic that's included in several of the packages. It's perfect for high-end reproduction of cymbals, hi-hats, woodwinds, and string instruments, plus it's outstanding for overhead miking. By virtue of its transformerless design, the GXL1200 also has low distortion and optimum low-end frequency response, so when you mic a drum set, you'll get detailed, full-spectrum sound.

CAD CM217 Condenser Microphone

The CM 217 is a mini pencil-style condenser that's included with the Pro-7 Package, and it's super for overhead use and cymbals. It also has an 80Hz external roll-off and 10dB external pad.

Packs for every player

The PMP43/DSM-1 Drum Mic Pack is ideal for the drummer with a small- or medium- sized set that wants a full complement of mics without spending a lot of money. The pack includes three TSM411s for the toms and snare, plus a KBM412 for the bass drum. Got a bigger set to mic? The Drummer's 6-Pak includes 3 TSM411s tom/snare mics, one KBM412 bass drum mic, 2 GXL1200 pencil condensers for cymbals and hi-hat, and 3 DSM-1 mounts.

The Pro-7 Drum Mic Pack is bigger still, covering your miking needs for live venues. In the highly isolated and controlled environment of a recording studio, it has the range of mics needed to cover all of your sound requirements, down to the cymbals. The Pro-7 includes a trusty KM212 for deep, punchy kick sound; 3 snappy TM211s with mic clips for toms; one SN210 with a frequency response specifically tweaked for snare drums; plus two CM 217 cardioid mini pencil condenser mics for pristine high-end response.

Step up to the mic

CAD Drum Mic Packages Pro-7

CAD's drum mic packs are the solutions for drummers who want to mic up their whole kit with a minimal financial outlay. Other mics in this price range lack the sturdy construction and high-quality components found in CAD mics. These packs put it all together for you, eliminating the guesswork of mixing and matching different mics while providing a well-balanced selection that captures the different sounds of your set with precision. You'll love the relaxed feeling that comes from not having to hit the drums so hard, your band will love the ease of monitoring your onstage volume, and your audience will love hearing the details of your drumming like never before.

Features & Specs:

Pro-7 Drum Mic Pack

  • 3 TM211 tom mics with integral shockmount
  • SN210 snare mic with integral shockmount
  • 2 CM217 mini condenser mics with clips
  • KM212 large-diameter kick mic
  • Padded carrying case

DMTP-4 Drum Mic Touring Pack

  • 2 TM211 tom mics with integral shockmounts
  • SN210 dynamic snare mic with integral shockmount
  • KM212 large diameter bass mic
  • Plastic carrying case

PMP43/DSM-1 Drum Mic Pack

  • 3 TSM411 snare/tom mics
  • KBM412 kick bass mic
  • 3 DSM-1 mic mounts
  • Aluminum carrying case

Drummer's 6 Pak Drum Mic Pack

  • 3 TSM411 dynamic snare/tom mics
  • KBM412 large-diameter kick mic
  • 2 GXL1200 pencil condensers
  • 3 DSM-1 drum shock mounts
  • Aluminum carrying case

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