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9 Great Gift Ideas for DJs

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Need to find a gift for a DJ? Check out these 9 great gift ideas from Musician's Friend!

Unsure what to get the DJ in your life? Whether you need something for a beginner or a long-time player, Musician's Friend has what you need. While this article only focuses on 9 pieces of gear, take some time to check out our DJ gifts collection. If you're still having trouble deciding on the perfect gift, Musician's Friend offers gift certificates, deliverable via mail or e-mail.

SERATO 12 Inch Control Vinyl - Performance Series - Glow in the Dark

For the Serato-based DJ, we present this pack of two glow in the dark 12" control records. Whether DJ'ing at home or at a gig, you're going to want a cool setup and nothing says "vibe" like two glowing records spinning around. These Serato Control Vinyl packs are available in a variety of different styles.

SERATO 12 Inch Control Vinyl - Performance Series OFFICIAL Jacket (Pair) Glow in the Dark

What The Customers Are Saying

"Works Great! Glows in the Dark or Under Blacklight. Very Effective." tomdogK from Castle Rock, WA

Shure M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge

Shure's M44-7 is a great cartridge choice for performing DJs. Designed with turntablism in mind, this cartridge offers powerful bass and unmatched skip resistance. With ultra-low record wear, DJs can feel comfortable using this cartridge night after night.

Shure M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge

What The Customers Are Saying

"I dont know how you can engineer a better cartridge. I use these every Friday night at my DJ gigs, and I put them through hell with all the scratching. Yet they still look and sound brand new. The skip resistance is unbelieveable." DJ Rovai, from San Francisco, CA

Glowtronics Solid Black Out

If you're a DJ, you need a slipmat for your turntable. The Glowtronics Solid Black Out is a professional-grade slipmat, designed with a specially glazed bottom surface, now an industry standard. Made with high-grade 16 ounce felt material, this pair of slipmats will offer the performance you need as you put your decks to work.

Glowtronics Solid Black Out Slip Mat

Magma Cases DJ Riot Backpack XL

A fantastic gift for the gigging DJ, the Magma Cases DJ Riot Backpack XL is designed with DJ gear in mind. Capable of carrying a mixer like the Rane Sixty Two or a controller like the Traktor Kontrol S4, plus a laptop and accessories, this backpack offers all the flexibility you'll need to get your gear where the gig is.

With a fully waterproof shell and zippers, the Magma Cases DJ Riot Backpack XL is made entirely from PVC Tarpaulin, a very strong material. Generous internal storage, and a separate, padded 17" laptop compartment means gear will stay safe inside. 

Magma Cases DJ Riot Backpack XL

Roland DJ-202 Serato DJ Controller

The affordable Roland DJ-202 Serato Controller is a great entry-level choice for a budding DJ. Packed with the features and layout of higher priced professional grade controllers, the USB-powered mixer offers a lightweight, compact design for grab and go portability.

The DJ-202 is designed to offer seamless Serato integration and performance, and with its plug-and-play performance, even novice DJs will be spinning and scratching in no time. In addition to its intuitive control surface, DJ-202 features classic Roland TR drum machine sounds including Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hats and more. With a built-in 1/4" mic input, on-board reverb and FX and more, the DJ-202 really is the perfect gift for the beginner DJ in your life.

Roland DJ-202 Serato DJ Controller

Roland Introduces the DJ-202 DJ Controller

Pioneer DJM-S9 2-Channel Battle Mixer for Serato DJ

Designed for use with Serato DJ, the pro-grade Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer is loaded with all the features a professional DJ needs. The fully customizable Magvel Fader Pro has multiple options for a variety of different styles, while 16 performance pads (8 per channel) give quick access to cues, samples and more. Even better? DJM-S9 features a number of buttons that can be mapped to Serato's effects, the perfect complement to the S9's built-in effects.

With great feel, professional features and eye-catching good looks, the DJM-S9 mixer from Pioneer is a fantastic choice for grabbing complete control of Serato DJ.

Pioneer DJM-S9 2-Channel Battle Mixer for Serato DJ with Performance Pads and Dual USB

Pioneer Introduces the DJM-S9 Mixer

Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable

Pioneer DJ's PLX-500 Direct-Drive Turntable is a high-torque, scratching-friendly deck that offers high-quality analog sound. Shipping with a cartridge, stylus and slipmat, the PLX-500 is ready to go right out of the box. The full complement of outputs include phono, line and USB, allowing you to hook up the PLX-500 with your PA system, mixer or computer of choice.

The PLX-500 also ships with a dust cover and record sleeve stand so you can display your record sleeves while you scratch. 

Pioneer PLX-500 Direct-Drive Professional Turntable

A Closer Look at the Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Turntable

Gemini MM1 2 Channel Audio Mixer

The truly affordable Gemini MM1 is a no-frills, compact 2 channel audio mixer. This portable DJ mixer features dual line RCA inputs, and Master and Record stereo RCA outputs.

Each channel features 2-band EQ and individual Gain Control for setting your levels and sculpting your sound, while the smooth cross fader allows you to mix between the two signals.

Additional features include a dedicated 1/4" mic input (with dedicated volume control) as well as a headphone out (with independent volume control), allowing you to preview your mix before sending it out to the house. 

Gemini MM1 2 Channel Audio Mixer

What The Customers Are Saying

"Great little mixer that got the job done, highly recommended" juice from Compton, CA

Gemini MDJ-500 Performance Pack with Mixer, Mic and Headphones

The fantastic Gemini-MDJ 500 Performance Pack is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to get started in DJ'ing in one fell swoop. This bundle includes: 2 Gemini MDJ-500 Media Players, 1 Gemini MXR-01 Mixer, headphones and a microphone. The MDJ-500s are compact USB media players, so you can conveniently load all of your music in via USB storage while you can view the waveforms and track information on each unit's large, 4.3 color screen. 

Gemini MDJ-500 Performance Pack with Mixer, Mic and Headphones

Looking for more great DJ gift ideas? Check out our full selection of DJ gear at Musician's Friend.

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