Product Spotlight: PreSonus Studio One Music Production Software

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Creation made easy from concept to master

By Steve Oppenheimer
PreSonus Audio Electronics

At PreSonus, we’re active musicians and engineers, and we design our products from that perspective. We weren’t satisfied with music-production software where it’s hard to access the features you need because it’s bloated with features you rarely use. Customer feedback made it clear that many musicians are also dissatisfied with their DAW software. And we became convinced that if audio software were properly designed to integrate closely with our hardware, the results would be a studio of exceptional power.

PreSonus Studio One 2.0 Professional

And so we teamed with top German software engineers to create PreSonus Studio One™, the groundbreaking professional music-creation and production application for Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista. With Studio One, you won’t be bogged down by technology when inspiration strikes; whatever isn’t on the surface is just a click or two away. And it’s based on a new, cutting-edge, 64-bit audio engine that delivers unparalleled sound quality.

Powerful Hardware-Software Integration

You can use Studio One with any ASIO-, Windows Audio-, or CoreAudio-compliant audio interface. Studio One also recognizes PreSonus interfaces using preprogrammed templates to automatically create software inputs and assign them to the appropriate hardware inputs. If you use a PreSonus FireStudio-series interface, you can control its internal mixer to create custom cue mixes with zero-latency monitoring. If you use a PreSonus FaderPort controller, Studio One will automatically recognize and configure it. This sort of integration is the future of music production.

Music Production Made Easy

Studio One’s Start page allows you to access recent songs and projects, configure external devices, and much more. Its straightforward workspace allows you to track, edit, and mix in one easy-to-navigate window. You can separate the Console (mixer) and Arrange views and can drag them to separate displays.

The Console view contains faders, solos, mutes, pans, and more. The Arrange view features a waveform display with sample-level zoom. It shows you the big picture, while the Edit view shows you the up-close details; together, they virtually eliminate the need to zoom in and out.

PreSonus Studio One

Studio One’s Browser provides instant access to effects, loops, instruments, and other key elements. Powerful drag-and-drop features allow you to drag an audio clip, effect, or a virtual instrument from the Browser directly onto a track in the Arrange or Console view. Time stretching enables Studio One to automatically match tempo-encoded audio clips with Song tempo. You can copy an effect or a whole chain of effects—including settings—by simply dragging to a new track. These are just a few ways that Studio One allows you to work quickly.

Plugging In

Studio One supports ReWire and VST and AU plug-ins, including VST 3 plug-ins. Automatic delay compensation keeps tracks in sync regardless of plug-in processing. But the most glittering gems are PreSonus’s proprietary 64-bit native plug-ins, which include a wide variety of signal processors. You also get three new PreSonus virtual instruments; the unique Pipeline plug-in, which provides hardware inserts with delay compensation for integrating outboard processors; and a wealth of third-party effects, VIs, and loops.

MIDI Control Done Right

Of course, Studio One provides MIDI sequencing and piano-roll editing. But what sets its MIDI features apart is Control Link, the most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available. In Global mode, a hardware control is linked directly to one software control for the entire program. In Focus mode, you can make different control maps for each plug-in. At last, controller mapping is as easy and flexible as it always should have been!

The Master Touch

Studio One’s Project page is a complete mastering solution that is fully integrated with the rest of the program. The Project page includes effects, crossfades, volume envelopes, and meters. You can make disc images, burn Red Book CDs, and create digital-release albums, complete with metadata. Best of all, when Songs are placed in a Project, a link is established that allows the Song and Project to be intelligently aware of each other so that changes to either are known to both. This integration is sure to change the way you think about mixing and mastering.

The Future is Now

PreSonus Studio One gives you a complete solution from raw tracks to finished master, while supporting the latest standards and technologies and offering seamless integration with PreSonus hardware. It proves that digital audio workstation can be easy to use without compromising quality or features. Welcome to the next generation of audio software!

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