Music Instrument Buying Guides

Overwhelmed by the mindboggling array of music gear out there today? Dazed by all the specs, features, and technobabble? Can’t figure out if you want a guitar with active or passive pickups? Stymied over the best way to get started recording or playing live? Can’t decide what recording equipment is right for your home studio? Uncertain what guitar amp is the right fit for your music and budget? You’ve arrived at the place to get the answers you need. We’ll help you choose the music gear and instruments that makes sense for your style and budget with straightforward information you can count on.

DJ Buying Guide to Keyboard Controllers

How to choose a MIDI Keyboard Controller for DJ'ing

Posted on .

How to choose a keyboard controller to help run your show and create killer grooves and songs

DJ Headphones Buying Guide

How to Choose The Best DJ Headphones

Posted on .

The features and specs that matter when you’re shopping for a great pair of DJ headphones.

Live Sound DJ Gear Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Live Sound Gear for DJs

Posted on .

How to choose the right DJ mixers, controllers, interfaces and PA equipment to match your music, gigs and budget

How to Choose the Right DJ Equipment

How to Choose the Best DJ Equipment

Posted on .

Shop smart for DJ controllers, interfaces, software and hardware. Know what to look for when building a rig to fit your budget and skills.

Bass Amp Rig Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Bass Amplifier

Posted on .

Tips for finding the best bass guitar amplifier and speaker cabinets to match your budget, music and the venues where you play.

History of the Channel Strip

What is a Channel Strip?

Posted on .

Find out how channel strips evolved from the early mixing desks of the '50s and 60s and where they are today.

DJ Controller and Interface Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best DJ Controller or Interface

Posted on .

Choosing the right DJ controller/interface depends a lot on your software. Here’s the intel you need to make both choices.

DJ Groove Production Hardware and Software Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best DJ Groove Production Hardware and Software

Posted on .

How to choose the right gear and software to produce your beats and tracks.

DJ Lighting and Stage Effects Buying Guide

How To Choose the Best Band and DJ Lighting and Stage Effects

Posted on .

Need help choosing the right lighting and effects for your next gig? Let the experts at Musician's Friend help you out.

Best Beginner Bass Guitars

The Best Bass Guitars for Beginners

Posted on .

How to choose the best beginner electric bass to keep the budding bassist in the groove without busting your budget

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