Musician's Friend Welcomes Walrus Audio!

Walrus Audio: Pedals To Bathe Your Guitar in Sonic Goodness

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The boutique guitar pedal builder delivers a breathtaking array of compressors, delays, reverbs, & overdrive effects.

With guitar tone freaks, first impressions count for a lot when it comes to plugging into and playing a new effect. In welcoming Walrus Audio as one of our newest suppliers of extraordinary boutique pedals, we’re confident you’ll be impressed the first time you heft one—they possess tank-like build quality. But more importantly, we predict a lot of smiles on the faces of guitarists new to the brand when they plug into a Walrus Audio stomp that first time.

As we auditioned and worked with the entire model range, we’ve become increasingly impressed both by the taste and skill of the Walrus Audio design team. Their work incorporates some of the most celebrated sounds in guitar-centric music. These pedals go far beyond mere emulation with control capabilities and circuitry allowing you to build entirely new and previously unheard sonic structures.

To help get you up to speed, we’ve highlighted a quartet of our favorite effects below. But you owe it to yourself to check out ouir full range of Walrus Audio. Each has its own distinct personality, setting it apart from lesser stomp pedals. And each is worthy of extended exploration. Walrus Audio controls are often highly interactive with one another, leading to near limitless possibilities within the framework of the effect.

Bellwether Analog Delay with Tap Tempo

Built using time-tested bucket brigade circuitry, the Bellwether Analog Delay is crafted for the connoisseur who insists on full-on luscious delays whose every dimension can be dialed in. While it encompasses the sounds of acclaimed delays like the BOSS DM-2 and Maxon AD999, an analog chorus engine allows you to shape-shift tails by tweaking depth and rate settings.

Walrus Audio Bellwether Analog Delay with Tap Tempo

For astoundingly luscious delay tails, it’s hard to beat the Bellwether Analog Delay.

If you’re into ambient modulation effects—the kind Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood has taken to the bank time and again—the Bellwether is ready to do your bidding. The tap tempo function gives you four time divisions to work with: quarter-, eighth-, and dotted eighth-notes, plus triplets. Robust expression control means you can swing the repeat-time for a more human-like feel, or oscillate between repeat settings for mind-boggling spatial effects. With its seven rotary control knobs and heavy-duty footswitches, the Bellwether can turn any guitarist into a master of time and space.

Deep Six Compressor

Inspired by the performance of the legendary Universal Audio 1176 studio compressor and merged with the control simplicity of classic Dynacomp and Ross pedals, Walrus delivers the Deep Six Compressor. Dial in exactly the degree of compression you’re going for from super-subtle to ultimate squishy with all points in between.

Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor

From skronk and chicken pickin’ to classic compressed rock guitar sounds, the Deep Six compressor delivers in spades.

For musicians who wants to retain control over all aspects of their compressed sound during recording, the Deep Six is deeply satisfying. If your guitar is equipped with humbuckers or active pickups, its Blend and Attack knobs will help keep your signal clean ahead of your preamp.


385 Overdrive

For decades dedicated gear geeks have hunted down old Bell and Howell 385 Filmosound movie projectors in order to harvest their tube-driven audio circuits. The dual 6V6 tube power amp stage in those dusty projectors contains audio magic in the form of sweet, analog compression when overdriven. That, coupled with a deceptively simple single tone knob, offers guitarists great guitar amp sound and feel.

Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive

With its sonic signature derived from a sought-after movie projector audio circuit, the 385 Overdrive improves on the original, with no soldering required!

In creating the 385 Overdrive, the old-school projector sound circuit was just the point of departure. The company went the original design one better by breaking out the bass and treble controls with separate knobs, giving you infinitely more control over the character of your tone. You can create scooped or bumped mids to your heart’s content. And with 18v internal voltage, this pedal nails the amp-like feel Walrus Audio was going for, and then some!

Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato

As you’d expect, classic chorus effects are right on tap using the Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato. But that’s just where the fun starts. A control switch toggles between sawtooth and rounded waveforms. Use the Lag knob to dial in the center delay time on which the LFO bases its modulations. Turn it up a little for smooth, symmetrical waves, or crank it up for detuned warbles at maximum settings.

Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato

You can achieve effects with the Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato that are impossible with ordinary stomps.

Most pedals that offer both a chorus and vibrato usually toggle between those effects using a switch. You have to choose one or the other—you can’t select both simultaneously. But not with Julia. She sports what amounts to a blend knob that’s labeled D-C-V, representing Dry or a blend of Chorus into Vibrato, reflecting her ability go from a completely unaffected signal through various flavors of chorus-vibrato blends.



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