Taylor Guitars' Andy Powers works on V-Class Bracing

Taylor Guitars Introduces V-Class Bracing To Their Designs

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More than 40 years into their journey, Taylor Guitars introduces another innovation in guitar design.

Never content to rest on their laurels, Taylor Guitars has introduced their own bracing, known as “V-Class” bracing. For more than a century, guitar makers have used an X-brace pattern in acoustic guitar design and building. Andy Powers, Taylor’s master guitar designer, discovered a new way to brace their guitars, not only improving overall sonic performance, but also allowing them to start down a fresh new path of structural design. Initially launching with four V-Class guitars for 2018, as of April 2018 Taylor has expanded the V-Class platform to cover 8 distinct models.

The eight models featuring V-Class bracing are: PS14ce V-Class Grand Auditorium, 914ce V-Class Grand Auditorium, Koa Series K24ce V-Class Grand AuditoriumBuilder’s Edition K14ce V-Class Grand Auditorium614ce V-Class Grand Auditorium714ce V-Class Grand Auditorium814ce V-Class Grand Auditorium and finally the 814ce DLX V-Class Grand Auditorium

Three of the new Taylor V-Class Models

Three of this year's models featuring V-Class bracing.

What Is V-Class Bracing

V-Class bracing dispenses with the X-shaped bracing that has been used throughout the past century of acoustic guitar design and switches to a V-shape. In switching to a V-shape, Andy discovered significant improvements. The V-Class bracing architecture orchestrates top movement in a different way than X-bracing, resulting in more independent control of stiffness and flexibility. In X-braced design, you typically have to strike a compromise between the two, so that one comes at the expense of the other. The new V-Class bracing allows more independent control of stiffness and flexibility, resulting in increased sustain and volume, rather than just one or the other.

Taylor's Andy Powers working on V-Class bracing

As a byproduct of this new design, Andy found a variety of improvements related to things like intonation, harmonics, better “boom”, “ripening” and “decay” from notes, and a more consistent response up and down the neck.

V-Class Bracing in Action

The new V-Class design will see a limited rollout in 2018, finding its way into four distinct models, all in the Grand Auditorium shape. In addition to the V-Class bracing within the guitar, each guitar will feature a new back label and a black graphite nut, helping to distinguish them visually from non-V-Class bracing models.

Taylor V-Class Bracing Acoustic Guitar label signed by Andy Powers

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