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Novation Releases Circuit Firmware Version 1.5 Update

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Novation announces brand new Circuit features with Version 1.5 Firmware Update 

Earlier today Novation announced the latest update for Circuit (their grid-based groove box), firmware version 1.5. If you're unfamiliar with Circuit, Circuit offers two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine. It also features a built-in sampler and on-board mixer and FX, making it an incredibly powerful portable production tool.


A quick introduction to Novation Circuit.

Circuit was last updated in November 2016 with firmware version 1.4. That particular update saw a slew of improvements including the introduction of polyrhythmic drum patterns, instant pattern switch, session color select, improved MIDI Clock settings and brand new Circuit Packs (new samples, synth patches, etc.).

What's New in Circuit v 1.5

What are the big changes in Circuit firmware v. 1.5?


Novation gives an overview, including playing examples, of what comes in version 1.5.

Fractional Gate

Circuit's gate sequencer now has six times more precision per sequencer step. That level of precision is a big deal, giving the player significantly tighter control over their sequences, resulting in a more "human" feel. Staccato steps can also now be enabled on a step-by-step basis.

Synth Patch Preview

Want to hear synth patches while you're selecting them? No problem! If you've selected a polyphonic patch, you'll hear the root, third and 5th notes (based on current scale and key) sounded as a chord, while a monophonic patch will play the root. Note, this function is disabled while recording. A seemingly small update like this can mean a substantially smoother workflow which will result in saved time.

MIDI CC Send and Receive

With firmware v.1.5 Novation has given the player the ability to toggle CC (Control Change) transmission and reception on Circuit. This one is enormous. If you've ever connected two or more MIDI devices together, you've likely run into an issue where turning a knob on one unit unexpectedly changes the sound on another unit. Sometimes this can result in some very happy accidents, while other times it can be a major issue. With this update that problem goes out the window, giving the player much better control of MIDI transmission thereby allowing it to better integrate with other MIDI gear and software.

In Summary

Looking at the major updates that Novation has brought to Circuit since last November, they've taken an already impressive groove box and made it that much better. If you're going to make an investment in a piece of tech gear, it's very encouraging to see a manufacturer so committed to making updates that provides a smoother workflow and new functionality.

If you're looking to update your Novation Circuit version 1.5, click here.

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