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Know Your Synth - What's New (5/20/17)

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Exciting Synths Unveiled at Moogfest 2017

Moog Subsequent 37 CV Moogfest Edition

Unveiled this week at 2017 Moogfest, the Moog Subsequent 37 CV Moogfest Edition is a limited edition redesign of the Sub 37 Tribute Edition. Production, which will take place at the on-site factory at Moogfest, is limited to 125 units, with a custom badge.

So, what's different about the Subsequent 37 Moogfest Edition? First, it features four assignable CV (Control Voltage) outputs, and two assignable gate outputs. That means easy integration with other synthesizers. And, with a redesigned keybed to boot, the Subsequent 37 is a great master keyboard for use with Eurorack and other modular systems.

What else is new? There are some pretty notable sonic improvements. The mixer was redesigned, resulting in double the available headroom. This allowed Moog's engineering team to reapproach the gain-staging of the Ladder filter, resulting in boosted harmonic saturation and analog compression. The on-board drive circuit, Multidrive, also got some tweaks resulting in more grit and growl than what was available in the original Sub 37. Additionally, the headphone amp got some improvements, with higher output volume and more clean headroom.


A non-Moogfest Edition will also be available, manufactured at the Moog Factory in Asheville, NC. Availability for this model is expected in late June. Total production of Subsequent 37 CV, including the 125 handcrafted at Moogfest, will be limited to 2,000 units worldwide.

Moog Synthesizer IIIc

In late April Moog Music Inc. announced the extremely limited reintroduction of the Moog Synthesizer IIIc Modular system. How limited? Only 25 of these behemoths will be made, with the production prototype being shown this week at Moogfest in Durham, North Carolina.

Housed in two solid walnut console cabinets, the IIIc features 36 hand-soldered modules, including ten 901-Series oscillators, a 905 Spring Reverb and 984 Matrix Mixer. If you crave legendary sound and incredible sonic flexibility, you should probably start making space for the IIIc in your studio.


The Synthesizer IIIc is expected to be available in early June.

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Moog Subsequent 37 CV
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