Fender Mustang GT Series Guitar Amplifiers

Fender Introduces Mustang GT Guitar Amplifier Series

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A closer look at Fender's new Mustang GT guitar amplifier series

While Fender is legendary for producing some of the best vintage-style instruments, such as the Strat and Tele, and amplifiers like the Champ and Deluxe Reverb, it's also becoming a dominant force in the digital world. With the best-selling Mustang series already in the homes and studios of countless beginners and seasoned vets alike, the new Fender Mustang GT amp lineup offers even more technological horsepower for players of all styles.


The range comes in three sizes—a practice- and studio-oriented 40W 2x6.5 with plenty of punch, an all-around performer 100W 1x12, and a stage-ready 200W 2x12. These ultra-versatile, affordable combos combine Fender's rich sonic legacy with modern-day features to produce stunning tones, and functionality to match. While GT 40 features two 6.5" Fender Special Design speakers, GT 100 and GT 200 are loaded with Celestion Special Design speakers and boast 21 high-quality, classic amp models that range from the iconic '59 Bassman to modern, high-gain metal (and everything in between)—as well as 46 effects for players to create any tones they can imagine.

Fender Mustang GT 40 Guitar AmplifierFender Mustang GT 40 Top Panel

Fender's new Mustang GT 40.

Fantastic Futuristic Features

One of the most notable upgrades for the Mustang GT series is the addition of Bluetooth connectivity. And, while audio streaming from a mobile device is becoming commonplace in modern amplifiers, the new lineup takes it a step further through integration with the Fender Tone app. This free, intuitive iPhone and Android app allows players to manage presets, download and share professional and user-created tones, edit/create their own tones, create set lists for quick changes and even get tips on how to best organize a signal chain. Essentially, you can reconfigure your entire amp sound, EQ settings and effects array with a single finger in a matter of seconds.

Another impressive technological feat of the Mustang GT range lies in its built-in Wi-Fi integration. Since it's reliant on Internet access for much of its functionality, the engineers at Fender just removed the middleman, and gave the Mustang GT the ability to connect wirelessly. With built-in Wi-Fi, it can receive firmware updates, access artist-created presets and more.

And, it's not just the cutting-edge wireless abilities that make these potent combos so great. Each features a color LCD display, USB recording output, aux. input for non-wireless music playback, headphone output for silent practice, a digital chromatic tuner and 60-second looper with the MGT-4 footswitch (included with the GT 200, and sold separately for the GT 40 and GT 100 models). And the two bigger brothers each come equipped with stereo XLR outputs for recording or board-direct live play, and a stereo FX loop for further expanding your sound with external pedals.

Fender Mustang GT 100 Guitar Amplifier Rear

A closer look at Mustang GT 100's rear panel.

Designed with Players in Mind

Beyond the tech advances, they're beautifully designed, with real players in mind. For example, the carrying handle is recessed, so the sturdy 5/8-in. particleboard cabinet can double as a makeshift seat or table during practice. Also, the top and sides are coated in a rubberized material that holds up to road abuse, and will help stop a phone or tablet from vibrating away while playing.

They're also incredibly lightweight, even while packing so much horsepower. The GT 40 is a svelte 17 lb., the GT 100 is just 22 lb., and the GT 200 weighs in at a mere 34 lb., despite offering 200W of punch through a pair of 12-in. speakers. And, as anyone who's ever carried gear up a flight of stairs can attest—heavy amps make life harder.


A quick review of what's new in the Mustang GT series:

  • Create/edit/download/share tones, playlists and more via the free, intuitive Fender Tone app
  • With 21 high-quality amp models and 46 effects, there are no limits to your sound
  • From the bedroom to the stage—they’re available as a 40W 2x6.5, 100W 1x12, and 200W 2x12
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows for wireless firmware updates
  • Sturdy, lightweight construction makes for easy travel

So, whether you're just starting in the world of guitar playing, an enthusiast who's looking for an all-in-one practice or studio setup, or a stage performer who wants a wealth of amazing amp tones and effects on tap wherever you go—the Fender Mustang GT lineup has the horsepower to handle it. You just have to grab the reins, and get rocking.

Need help choosing the Mustang GT that's right for you? Call a Musician’s Friend Gear Head at 800-449-9128 for friendly, no-pressure help in finding the one with your name on it!

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