Behind the Brand

Get behind-the-scenes stories about some of the greatest music gear brands that we offer at Musician's Friend. We explore the origins and the innovations of the most important instrument and music equipment makers both large and small. Behind the Brand features put the spotlight on the people and the processes that result in the gear we all depend on to make our music shine. Join us as we explore the stories behind everything from the most respected instrument builders to the brains behind the circuits and software that are critical in performing, recording, mixing, and sharing the music we make with the world.

A Peek Inside Milkman Sound HQ

Milkman Sound: A Quest for Tour-Worthy Guitar and Bass Tone

Posted on .

Founder Tim Marcus talks about how his search for a hi-fidelity pedal-steel amp led to one of the most sought-after names in modern guitar amplification.

Universal Audio Headquarters

The History of Universal Audio: A Father & Son Odyssey

Posted on .

Dig into the history of Universal Audio, their iconic 610 consoles and preamps, 1176 and LA-2A compressors and the new Apollo X audio interfaces.

Arturia's DX7 V FM Synthesizer

The Art Of Contemporary Synthesis with Arturia's Baptiste Le Goff

Posted on .

Baptiste Le Goff, a software developer and product manager at Arturia, details his approach to creating modern synthesizers inspired by a vintage vision.

Native Instruments M32 Keyboard Controller with NKS Support

Native Instruments NKS: Building A More Open Ecosystem

Posted on .

NKS Product Manager, Ray Chemo, discusses his work in facilitating a new direction of Native Instruments.

Exploring Ribbon Microphone Design with Royer Labs

Exploring Ribbon Microphone Design with Royer Labs

Posted on .

How Royer Labs helped to bring ribbon microphones to the masses with modern designs and home-studio accessibility.   

Tom Longabaugh and Dan Gillespie of Eventide

Two Eventide Developers Discuss Their Contributions To The Pioneering Effects Processing Powerhouse

Posted on .

Two generations of product developers at Eventide, Tom Longabaugh and Dan Gillespie, discuss the dichotomy of developing products that celebrate the innovative firm’s legacy—pioneered by Tony Agnello and Richard Factor—while remaining true to the inventive spirit that pushed Eventide into becoming the processing giant that it is. 

The early years of New England Digital Corporation

Synthesis Pioneer Cameron Jones Talks History and Making A New Synclavier

Posted on .

Synthesis pioneer Cameron Jones, details the storied history of a company he formed, New England Digital Corporation, and the legacy of its iconic product, the Synclavier. Cameron discusses his ongoing partnership with Arturia, and how his new venture—Synclavier Digital—is the most complete user interfacing version of the original.

Dangerous Music D-Box+ Summing Mixer

Dangerous Music’s Todd Mariana Discusses Sustainable Product Design

Posted on .

The developer and lathe technician talks about his fabrication feats, necessity of invention, and the durable mobility of his software architecture in the new Dangerous Music D-BOX+ Summing Mixer and Controller.

Wes Dooley of AEA Microphones

Wes Dooley of AEA: The Quest for Honest Sound with Ribbon Mics

Posted on .

A protector of the esteemed RCA 44 ribbon microphone's legacy, Wes Dooley and the team at AEA have taken ribbon microphone and preamp technology to new heights.

Behind The Scenes at Mojave Audio

Mojave Audio: Capturing Reality with Condenser Microphones

Posted on .

This legacy-inspired line of large condensers takes on some of the most revered recording mics in history.

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