Product Spotlight: TC Electronic RH450 - Bass Amp 2.0

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Taking Bass Amps To The Next Level

By Uffe Kjems Hansen
VP of Business Development, TC Electronic

TC Electronic RH450 Bass Amp Head Black

Developing a new bass rig for the world might seem like a simple task. After all, there are so many great products out there to be inspired by. It was a completely different challenge, however, to bring something new to the concept of bass rigs overall.

With RH450 and the new Classic450, as well as the RS cabinets, we’ve tried to do just that. As a bass player myself, the bass team and I started exploring what changes and additions we could make while still keeping the ultimate target in mind—making a great bass rig.

The evolution of bass amps

RH450 was developed with the lives of bass players in mind. First and foremost it gives you 450 true watts in an extremely light and compact package. At less than 10 pounds you can say goodbye to aching backs. Among my favorite features of the RH450 are the three presets.

They allow me to change my sound in an instant when switching basses or playing styles—something I have never been able to do before. Personally I am using this to change the gain and tone control settings between my active 5-string and my passive ’70s Precision and Jazz basses. Always running and ready to go, the chromatic tuner comes in handy and allows me to quickly check my intonation—it’s simple, and so convenient.

New compressor on the block

When creating my sound, in addition to using the tone controls, I like to use a bit of the SpectraComp (per-string compression) to tighten up my sound. I was never a big fan of compressors for live bass, but with the multiband approach of SpectraComp I get the firmness of my sound without killing the dynamics of my playing.

In particular on my Precision, I like to use TubeTone to add a bit more attitude to my sound. By emulating both the preamp and the power amp of a tube amp, the real tube character comes to life and the presets allow me to add this only on my Precision sound.

Stepping up the live performance

TC Electronic RC4 Bass Footswitch

At a gig, the transformer-isolated linedriver output allows me to hook up the RH450 directly to the PA. With the optional RC4 footswitch added I not only get the tuner display in front of me, but am able to switch the three presets during performance. This is a great help for both me and my front of house engineer to make sure that each of my three basses always has the right level and perfect sound. Using the presets I can even customize where the tone controls grab my bass sound depending on which bass I’m playing.

Rehearsing and recording

When checking out new tracks and rehearsing for gigs, I like to use my iPod for playback. The Aux inputs and the headphone out on the RH450 allow me to easily hook up my iPod and bass in seconds.

When recording my bass I get to choose between using the linedriver out or record straight to digital through the digital recording output. With the RH450 being small and handy, it is easy for me to always bring it along whether I’m rehearsing, playing live, or recording.

Bass cabinet building blocks

TC Electronic RH450 Bass Amp Head Front

When we looked into designing our cabinets at TC, we again reviewed how we could improve the lives of bass players. At the same time we wanted to build a cabinet system that allowed different cabs to be combined in various ways. The result is a building block system that allows not only conventional horizontal stacking but also unique vertical stacking. This brings out the best of the cabinets and allows you and your fellow players to hear the bass much better onstage. The combination of getting the floor contact as well as the height is what creates this improved experience. In addition to the stacking concept, we spent numerous hours tuning the cabinets to make sure that they work in real-life situations and give you optimal response with the RH450.

Through tight design and a perfect amp/cab match we managed to enable each amp to drive any combination of three TC cabinets. This extends the flexibility of the cabinet combinations that you can choose from gig to gig.

Extending the family

TC Electronic Classic450 450W Bass Amp Head

With the recent additions to our bass product family, the range has just grown to include even more options.

The Classic450 amp focuses entirely on the power and tone with a no-frills design that gives you the essentials of any bass amp, as well as the SpectraComp and TubeTone to shape your sound in an instant. Like its brother RH450, the Classic450 features a high-quality linedriver output for PA connection or recording in the studio.

TC Electronic RS210 2x10 Vertical Stacking Bass Cabinet

The 600-watt RS410 cabinet expands the range of cabinet combinations possible. RS410 is designed to fit into the building block system, stacking perfectly with both RS210 and RS212, allowing any combination of three cabinets to be hooked up with RH450 or Classic450.

If you are ready to take the next step into the evolution of bass amps, go ahead and check out the TC bass family, we won’t let you down.

Features & Specs


  • 450W (800W peak)
  • 3 user memories
  • Integrated chromatic tuner
  • SpectraComp™ virtual per-string compression
  • TubeTone™
  • Transformer-balanced linedriver out (pre/post switching)
  • Rehearsal Aux input and Headphones out
  • Digital recording out


  • 450W (800W peak)
  • SpectraComp™ virtual per-string compression
  • TubeTone™
  • 4 bass-tuned tone controls
  • Transformer-balanced linedriver out (pre/post switching)


  • 2x10" (Custom Eminence drivers)
  • 33mm HF driver
  • 400W power handling
  • Anti-skid surface treatment
  • Tweeter adjustment (off-0dB)


  • 2x12" (Custom Eminence drivers)
  • 33mm HF driver
  • 400W power handling
  • Anti-skid surface treatment
  • Tweeter adjustment (off-0dB)


  • 4x10" (Custom Eminence drivers)
  • 33mm HF driver
  • 600W power handling
  • Anti-skid surface treatment
  • Tweeter adjustment (off-0dB)

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