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Product Spotlight: Native Instruments Komplete 11

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Now available in three strengths to meet any music production challenge

With its new major release, Komplete 11, Native Instruments more than ever lives up to its stated aim: delivering a truly complete audio-production suite with every tool, effect and sound imaginable. The scope of this release may be staggering, but smartly, NI bundles Komplete 11 in three strengths so there’s a version right for producers with varied needs and budgets.

Let’s take a quick look at each bundle

Komplete 11 Select

Scoping out the wealth of goodies packed into Komplete 11 Select, you might initially miss the fact it’s the most budget-friendly Komplete version among the three bundles just released. For starters, you get 11 acclaimed effects and instruments. Pro-level stuff like the Massive and Reaktor synths, the powerful Solid Bus Com bus compressor, the Vintage Organ suite, and seven more audio production tools you can take to the bank. With 2,500 sounds and more than 25 GBs of instruments and effects, this is hardly a “starter” setup, yet we think you’ll be happily surprised by the price. As with all the bundles, Komplete 11 Select includes Kontakt Kontrol software, the Kontakt 5 Player Reaktor 6 Player including Blocks —three pre-patched modular synths.

Komplete 11

The midline bundle, Komplete 11, ups the ante with more than 13,000 sounds and a sample library topping 155 GBs. Its complement of synths, pianos, drums, percussion as well as a huge slate of effects and other audio processors is second only to the big kahuna Ultimate version we cover below. Komplete 11 is the logical growth path for pro producers and sound designers who already have gotten their Komplete feet wet, but are now ready to step up in terms of capability.

Komplete 11 Ultimate

This is the bundle for the no-compromise audio producer. It places more than 18,000 sounds at your command with a library that weighs in at more than 500 GBs. With a dozen amazing synths, a treasure chest of sampled instruments, powerful guitar and bass processors, extensive string libraries and effects to achieve any sound you can imagine, Ultimate is just that—the ultimate in creative audio toolboxes.

Musician’s Friend offers the entire range of Komplete 11 bundles including update and upgrade packages as boxed or download versions—your choice. Music educators can choose Komplete 11 Education 5-Packs in either format.

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