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Guitarist’s Buying Guide to iOS Gear

Guitarist’s Buying Guide to iOS Gear

Posted on .

How to find the right iOS-compatible audio equipment for your iPhone or iPad to help make you a better playing and sounding guitarist

SG Guitar Buying Guide

The SG Guitar Buying Guide

Posted on .

How to Choose the Gibson or Epiphone SG electric guitar that's right for you and your budget

Affordable Acoustic and Electric Guitar Buying Guide

Affordable Acoustic & Electric Guitar Buying Guide

Posted on .

Finding an inexpensive guitar doesn’t mean you have to settle for junk. Discover the smart places to cut back on your expectations.

Tech Tip: How To Install Gibson Pickups In Epiphone Guitars

Tech Tip: How to Install Gibson Pickups in Epiphone Guitars

Posted on .

Hot Rod your Epiphone with Genuine Gibson Pickups. Do It Yourself!

6 Top Humbucker Pickups

6 Top Humbucker Pickups to Supercharge Your Guitar Sound

Posted on .

A look at some of our most popular aftermarket humbucking guitar pickups.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Guitar Effects

Get the Best Out of Your Guitar Effects: Optimum Pedal Order

Posted on .

Setting up your daisy chain in the right order can have a huge impact on guitar FX performance.

Brass Instrument Mouthpiece Buying Guide

Brass Instrument Mouthpiece Buying Guide

Posted on .

How to  find the right trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, trombone, French horn or other brass instrument mouthpiece that makes sense for your music, budget and skill level.

Guitar Notes with Brian Baggett

When It’s Love: 7 Things To Look For To Find The Perfect Electric Guitar

Posted on .

What to look for in your dream guitar and how to tell when you’ve found the real thing

Travel Guitar Buying Guide

Good to Go: Buying the Best Travel Guitar

Posted on .

How to choose a travel or mini guitar that’s road-ready and suits your music and budget.

BOSS Guitar Pedals Buying Guide

An Essential Six-Pack of BOSS Guitar Pedals

Posted on .

We highlight a half dozen go-to effects pedals that turn up regularly in the signal chains of the world’s most esteemed guitarists.

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