Martin Guitar Buying Guide

How to choose the right Martin guitar to match your budget and music.

Dropping in on Martin & Co.

We got the nickel tour and a whole lot more on our visit to the Holy Grail of acoustic guitars.

Inside The Private Reserve Part 2—Confessions of a Guitar Advisor

In this edition of Guitar Notes, I sat down with resident expert Derek White, Guitar Advisor at Musician’s Friend Private Reserve Guitars. Derek’s job is ultimately to help match players with the guitar they’re after.

Tech Tip: The Care and Feeding of Your Acoustic Guitar

Martin experts offer advice on how to keep your acoustic guitar in great condition, maintain playability and correctly install a new set of strings

Martin Custom Sinker Mahogany Dreadnought: Crafted with Rare Wood Retrieved from the Depths

The huge projection and reverberant bass notes that pour out of the Martin Custom Sinker Mahogany Dreadnought are largely the result of the extraordinary wood used for the back and sides. But before we get to the guitar itself, the story behind that mahogany is a fascinating one worth telling.

Martin Lovers: Show Off Your Pride and Joy to the World!

We know how passionate Martin owners are about their instruments. Now you can declare that pride and share your treasured Martin’s special mojo with fellow musicians.

Martin Custom 000-14 Cocobolo with Flamed Mahogany Wedge

This week’s featured instrument is an outcome of the ongoing close collaboration between Private Reserve Guitars and the Martin Custom Shop in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Our buying team works closely with the shop to find instruments that are especially noteworthy, based on their performance characteristics and appearance.

A Conversation with Fred Greene and Jeff Allen

On our recent trip to the Martin factory in Nazareth, Pa., the Musician's Friend Private Reserve Guitars team sat down with two of Martin's most influential leaders: Fred Greene, vice president/general manger of guitars, and Jeff Allen, general manager of the Martin Custom Shop.

Video: Eric Clapton OM-ECHF Navy Blues Martin Guitar

Dick Boak of Martin Guitars introduces the OM Eric Clapton Navy Blues, disclosing how a happy accident in establishing the scale length led to this unique acoustic guitar.

Video: Martin Standard D12-28 12-String Dreadnought Guitar

Chuck Yamek from Private Reserve Guitars demoes the huge, crystalline shimmer generated by Martin's D12-28 12-string guitar.

Video: The History of Martin Guitars

Martin Guitars CEO Chris Martin talks about the remarkable history of his family's legacy building some of the most revered instruments ever crafted in America. Filmed at Winter NAMM 2014.

Hands-On Review: Martin Lifespan SP Guitar Strings

Get the most life from your acoustic guitar strings

Snowboarder Danny Davis Named Martin Guitar Ambassador

Superpipe master is recognized for his other obsession: music

Mention Danny Davis’ name and it immediately conjures up visions of the fearless 2014 X Games Snowboard Superpipe winner who cleaned up at Aspen this past Sunday with a winning 95 score. But if you caught a glimpse of the bottom side of his board during the event, you know about Davis’ other passion: music. The board is emblazoned with graphics inspired by the snowboarder’s guitar of choice: a Martin acoustic. The design features the iconic headstock, fretboard, and body typical of Martin instruments.

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