Guitar Accessories & Parts

Taking the Mystery Out of Guitar Setup

How to restring your guitar and adjust its truss rod, action and intonation like a pro.

Humbucker vs. Single-Coil Pickups Explained

How they work and sound and what to consider when choosing guitar pickups.

Mods to Give your Guitar a Whole New Voice

These guitar tweaks offer big payoffs in expanding your musical palette.

6 Top Humbucker Pickups to Supercharge Your Sound

A look at some of our most popular aftermarket humbucking guitar pickups.

What Kind of Surge Protection Do I Need for My Gear?

Momentary power spikes can destroy expensive pro audio gear in an instant. Learn how to protect it.

Guitar Talk 101

Your guide through the electric guitar jargon jungle.

Good to Go: Finding the Best Travel Guitar

How to choose a travel or mini guitar that’s road-ready and suits your music and budget.

Guitar Health: Part 2

More about hearing and hand protection, joint trouble, and the impact of upper body strength on musicians who strap on their instruments.

Guitar Health: Part 1

You only get one body in this life. Learn how to tone and preserve it for a long and healthy lifetime of playing.

5 Basics for Learning Classical Guitar

Here are some crucial tips to get you started right on a nylon string guitar.

Upgrading Your Electric Guitar Gear

Essential tips on updating your rig with a new guitar, amp or effects that will help you show off those hard-earned licks

The Gig Survival Checklist

Don’t play another date without this lifesaving list of gear and tools that could save your butt!

Tech Tip: Transform Your Standard Strat Into a Stinging Blues Beast

Whether you’ve got a U.S.-built Standard or an imported Strat, this game-changing pickup upgrade will have you rockin’ the blues like never before!

Guitar Essentials & Necessaries

Don’t even think about playing guitar without these critical accessories and tools.

Top 10 Guitar Tuning Apps

Our pick of the top 10 tuning apps available for your smartphone or tablet.

DIY Guitar? The Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Axe

If you’ve ever thought about building your own guitar, start here. We present the advantages and disadvantages of a DIY project—the things to consider before you dive in.

Tweaking Your Guitar to Match Your Music and Personal Style

Your guitar is an extension of your style. Swapping strings, pickups or refinishing your off-the-rack guitar can help project that style.

Tuning Triage: Tips & Tricks for Getting Into Tune Fast and Easily

Being able to quickly and accurately tune a guitar is one of the hallmarks of an experienced musician. Learn how to sharpen your tuning skills.

Tech Tip: The Care and Feeding of Your Acoustic Guitar

Martin experts offer advice on how to keep your acoustic guitar in great condition, maintain playability and correctly install a new set of strings

While My iPhone Gently Weeps: Choosing Guitars and Supporting Tools

A group of seasoned musicians weigh in on strategies to find the perfect guitar, amp, or effects and the iOS apps that can help make you a better guitarist.

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