Acoustic Guitars

10 Tricks to Perk Up Your Practice

Smart strategies you need to make music practices count and keep your chops growing

Cheap Acoustic & Electric Guitar Buying Guide: Trading Extravagance for Necessity

Finding an inexpensive guitar doesn’t mean you have to settle for junk. Discover the smart places to cut back on your expectations.

Six Ways to Find a Bargain Guitar

Cheap doesn’t have to mean garbage. Learn how to find a beater acoustic or electric guitar on a super-tight budget that plays well and sounds decent.

Guitar Notes: Inside Musician’s Friend Private Reserve—Part 1

A behind-the-scenes look at our repository of exceptional instruments

Tips Every Left-Handed Player Needs to Choose the Right Guitar or Bass

Lefties get left out of some of life’s simple pleasures, but not guitars. Learn everything you need to know about playing and purchasing a lefty guitar or bass.

DIY Guitar? The Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Axe

If you’ve ever thought about building your own guitar, start here. We present the advantages and disadvantages of a DIY project—the things to consider before you dive in.

Guitar Notes From Brian Baggett

In this premiere edition our resident guitar guru lays out his vision for a biweekly helping of guitar lore and offers a little personal history.

Tweaking Your Guitar to Match Your Music and Personal Style

Your guitar is an extension of your style. Swapping strings, pickups or refinishing your off-the-rack guitar can help project that style.

Vintage Value: 7 Ways to Decide if Your Guitar’s a Treasure or Just a Keepsake

Wondering about the value of that old guitar? Here are some ideas to help you decide if it’s worth appraising or if your guitar’s value is mostly sentimental.

Tuning Triage: Tips & Tricks for Getting Into Tune Fast and Easily

Being able to quickly and accurately tune a guitar is one of the hallmarks of an experienced musician. Learn how to sharpen your tuning skills.

Resonator Guitar Buying Guide

How to choose a resonator guitar that matches your budget and music.

Seven Online Guitar Tuners Rated

We look at a handful of virtual guitar tuners and compare their capabilities with real, hardware-based units.

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Buying Guide

How to choose the right acoustic guitar amp to match your budget and the venues you play

Tech Tip: The Care and Feeding of Your Acoustic Guitar

Martin experts offer advice on how to keep your acoustic guitar in great condition, maintain playability and correctly install a new set of strings

Behind the Brand: Yvonne de Villiers of Luna Guitars

Luna designer Yvonne de Villiers (R) and her mother, Hilda, who as longtime pro bassist exerted a powerful influence that led to Yvonne’s involvement in instrument design.

Infusing instruments with the aesthetics of a seasoned artist

Tech Tip: Tonewoods and How They Affect Your Guitar’s Sound

Discover how the sonic character of various wood types helps shape the sound of acoustic and electric guitars

While My iPhone Gently Weeps: Choosing Guitars and Supporting Tools

A group of seasoned musicians weigh in on strategies to find the perfect guitar, amp, or effects and the iOS apps that can help make you a better guitarist.

Should New Guitarists Go Acoustic or Electric?

Four things to consider before you buy your first guitar

Tech Tip: Home Setup of Your Acoustic Guitar

How to adjust that old beater acoustic guitar for the best balance between playability and sound

The Best Guitars for Beginners

How to choose the right acoustic or electric guitar to match the new player’s musical focus and your budget.

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