How to Mic Guitar Amps and Cabs in the Studio

Tips to help you capture great-sounding guitar tracks on your recordings.

USB Microphone Buying Guide

The features and specs that matter when shopping for a USB-friendly mic to record high-quality audio direct to your computer.

Three Essential Tips for Great Recorded Guitar Sound

Learn what it takes to capture everything you, your guitar and your amp are putting out. It’s not as tough or mysterious as you think.

The Indestructible Shure SM58 Mic: Our Torture Tests Video Prove It’s a Survivor

Shure Mike abuses this iconic mic with a series of punishing tests that would quickly trash lesser microphones

iOS Gear for DJs Buying Guide

How to choose the right iOS-compatible audio equipment to keep the beats coming seamlessly

Tech Tip: How to Choose the Right Mic for the Job

The crucial factors you need to know in deciding what microphones to use on your recordings.

Recording Tech Tip: Capturing the Sound of Eight Tiny Reindeer

How to create the sounds of the season that evoke visions of Santa and his sleigh.

The Best Recording Gear for Beginners

How to choose the right audio equipment to match your ambitions, budget and music

iOS Gear for Vocalists Buying Guide

From iOS mics and preamps to mixers and speakers, check out the gear you need to transform your iOS device into a vocal studio and powerful performance tool.

iOS Recording Gear Buying Guide

Here’s the intel you need to turn your iPhone or iPod into a full fledged studio and powerful music production tool. Learn about the iOS interfaces, controllers, mics and other mobile music gear you need.

The DJ Buying Guide to Live Sound Gear

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Moretti

How to choose the right PA equipment to match your music, gigs and budget

Tech Tip: Drum Recording On a Budget

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to tracking drums, nothing beats a well-equipped studio that has great acoustics and a big mic locker. But here are some tips to help get very respectable drum sounds in your project studio on a bare-bones budget.

A Conversation with Bob Heil—the Master of Game-Changing Microphone Technology

By Marty Paule

Highly opinionated and fiercely independent in his views about pro sound, Bob Heil builds mics and possesses a professional resume to back up his often out-of-the-box attitude. And speaking of boxes, it was Bob who invented one of the most memorable guitar effects of all time: the Heil Talk Box that made Peter Frampton a fixture on ‘70s album charts.

Recording Gear Buying Guide

How to choose the right audio recording equipment to match your skills, music, and budget

Hands-On Review: Blue Spark Studio Microphone

Great sound plus Focus Control in a budget-priced condenser

Expert Review: Rode NT1 Studio Condenser Microphone

This article previously appeared on Harmony Central—your information source for making better music.

By Phil O’Keefe

The original Rode NT1 was first released in 1995. An updated version, the NT1-A, was released a couple of years later, and has been very popular. Rode has taken the model and given it a complete reworking, and in a move that's bound to cause at least some confusion and difficult online searches, released it with the model's original name, calling it the NT1. Let's take a look...

Hands-On Review: MXL 900 Series Condenser Microphones

High-end condenser sound without the sticker shock

Hands-On Review: MXL 990 Condenser Microphones

Raise the bar and lower the price—now try to sing in that position—MXL can!

Hands-On Review: Audio-Technica AT4080 & AT4081 Ribbon Mics

Capturing vintage tones with a modern spin

Hands-On Review: MXL V900 Stage & Studio Condenser Mic

Superb studio condenser vocals in a mic built for stage work

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