iOS Gear for DJs Buying Guide

How to choose the right iOS-compatible audio equipment to keep the beats coming seamlessly

Tech Tip: Gigging with Mobile Devices: Make Those Backing Tracks Mono, Part 2

Why you want to mix your backing tracks in mono and how to do it right

iOS Gear for Vocalists Buying Guide

Apple’s iOS has rapidly become a serious platform for musicians who use its numerous apps to work efficiently, especially on the go. Whether creating pro-quality recordings, performing, sharing music with your band, or getting in more practice, players at all levels are using their iPads and iPhones as a hub for their musical exploits.

QSC TouchMix-16 Digital Mixer

Tech Tip: 12 Essential Strategies to Improve Your Audio Mixes

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Victor Grigas

When it’s time to mix a recording, you need some strategies

The Touchscreen Control Surface Revolution

Whether for mixing or synth programming, touchscreens are having a major impact 

by Craig Anderton 

Mixers used to be so predictable: Sheet metal top, faders, knobs, switches, and often, a pretty hefty price tag. Sure, DAWs started including virtual mixers, but unless you wanted to mix with a mouse (you don’t), then you needed a control surface with . . . a sheet metal top, faders, knobs, switches, and a slightly less hefty price tag. 

Video: Yamaha MG Series Mixers - NAMM 2014

Yamaha's Jay Kenney runs down the newest MG mixers ranging from 6 to 20 inputs, some with USB/app-based control.

Expert Review: Mackie DL806 Digital Mixer

This article previously appeared on Harmony Central—your information source for making better music.

By Craig Vecchione

The Running Man with an Apple

The DL series of compact mixers is Mackie's latest foray into digital mixing for live sound, following if not necessarily replacing the discontinued TT-24. This is a completely new and very compact design that uses an Apple iPad (not included) as the mixing interface.

Tech Tip: Mixing Board Pre-Fader & Post-Fader Aux Sends

What's The Difference Between Pre-Fader And Post-Fader Aux Sends On A Mixing Board?

Hands-On Review: Behringer B-Control Series

Changing the way you make music

Hands-On Review: Peavey XR 8300 and XR 8600 Powered Mixers

Legendary mixers with the latest technology

Hands-On Review: Yamaha MG166CX Mixing Console

Take the MG out for a spin and experience top-down performance

Hands-On Review: Allen & Heath ZED-14 USB Mixer

A low-cost mixer with a surprising array of features

Hands-On Review: Gear One PA1300 and PA2400 Powered Mixers

Functional and affordable pro mixers for bands on a budget

Hands-On Review: Peavey PV Mixers

Chock-full o' good, good stuff.

Hands-On Review: Lexicon Omega Desktop Recording Studio

High-quality computer recording made easy and affordable

Hands-On Review: Mackie PPM1008 8-Channel Powered Mixer

The first portable, professional powered mixer that really rivals many big pro racks

Hands-On Review: IK Multimedia iRig MIX Mobile Mixer

Mobile DJing gets a little smaller and more portable with the iRig MIX

Hands-On Review: PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Digital Mixer

Live mixing, studio recording, and unprecedented control

Hands-On Review: JamHub

A silent rehearsal studio for practicing musicians

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