Tech Tip: How to Set a Compressor for Voice and Instruments

The rundown on various compressor types and the best ways to use them to give your music professional punch

Tech Tip: Using Pitch Correction Software to Fix Vocals Without Using Pitch Correction Software to Fix Vocals

Producer Ronan Chris Murphy reveals how he gets better vocal intonation using software, but without applying it to finished tracks.

The Art of Sound: Veteran Producer, Mixer and Engineer Tom Size

With his mile-long roster of A-list artist credits and decades spent developing a studio tan, Tom talks about the factors that make for great sound in the studio and onstage.

Tech Tip: EQ Curves and Musical Style

Do certain styles of music have a "signature" EQ response? Check out the following curves, and decide for yourself.

Beyond the Gear: Emotions, Attitude and Influence in the Studio

Recording music is about more than the gear. Our panel of recording pros offer advice about the right attitude and expectations to bring to the studio.

How to Save on Studio Recording Costs while Getting the Sound You Want

Big budget or small—expert advice to help you get the most out of your recording studio time—and your music.

Tech Tip: Taming the Wild Bedroom

How to make the most of those challenging small recording studio spaces

Tech Tip: Tech Gear Roulette—Surviving Technological Change

Live by these seven rules if you want your budget to survive technological change

What Producers Do and Why You May Need One

Our panel of audio producers and mastering engineers explain how they work and weigh in on what they can do to help bring your musical vision to life.

Ronan Chris Murphy’s Tips for Creating a Great Demo with a Hand-Held Recorder

Expert advice on how to produce a low- to no-cost demo that’ll get your band gigs and social media attention

The Art of Sound: A Conversation with Producer Christoffer “Kid” Andersen

Photo: Rachel Kumar

Kid Andersen calls his studio Greaseland, and that offers a couple of clues about both him and his musical persuasions. Andersen revels in the greasy vibe of old-school Southern blues and soul music and possesses a rapid and wry sense of humor that he uses to good effect in keeping things playful during tracking sessions.

Tech Tip: Compressors Demystified

How to harness the power of compression to give your recordings the punch and sheen of a professional audio production

Tech Tip: Gigging with Mobile Devices: Make Those Backing Tracks Mono, Part 2

Why you want to mix your backing tracks in mono and how to do it right

Tech Tip: Recording Pro Dylan Dresdow on Tracking Acoustic and Electric Guitar

The Grammy award-winning engineer/producer unlocks the secrets to capturing acoustic and electric guitar sound that sits well in the mix

Recording Tech Tip: Capturing the Sound of Eight Tiny Reindeer

How to create the sounds of the season that evoke visions of Santa and his sleigh.

The Best Recording Gear for Beginners

How to choose the right audio equipment to match your ambitions, budget and music

Hands-On Review: Focusrite iTrack Pocket iPhone Interface

Transform your iPhone into a full-blown audio and video recording studio with this awesome little iOS interface that makes recording, editing, jamming and sharing your music dead simple.

The Guitarist’s Buying Guide to iOS Gear

How to find the right iOS-compatible audio equipment to help make you a better playing and sounding guitarist

iOS Recording Gear Buying Guide

In the not-too-distant past, making a decent audio recording took lots of expensive, complicated gear, as well as assistance from trained professionals who knew how to operate that gear. Then, as recording technology eventually became more compact and affordable, do-it-yourself musicians were able to build small studios capable of producing demo-quality recordings from the comfort of their own homes.

Freedom in Song: Thoughts on the Songwriting Process and Censorship

Writing a song is an art form that is considered to be both simple and inscrutable. Anyone who has experienced a truly revelatory emotional moment thanks to a song (or even just had an “ear worm” of a tune stuck in their head for days), knows that songs can be quite powerful. Once you make your vision a reality, how do you get it heard, and what do you if and when people deem it offensive?

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