Can I Record & Mix Music Just Using Headphones?

Are studio monitor speakers essential for home/mobile studio owners?

Songwriting and Recording Success Secrets

Our panel of singer-songwriters offers tips to write better songs & capture them brilliantly in studio demos.

How to Mic Guitar Amps and Cabs in the Studio

Tips to help you capture great-sounding guitar tracks on your recordings.

Snapshots: 6 Top DAWs

The straight skinny on our bestselling digital audio workstation software.

PreSonus at 20: Innovation Born on the Bayou

Two decades in, this digital audio powerhouse is just hitting its stride.

The Art of Sound: Multi-Platinum Producer - Engineer Jim Gaines

The multi-Grammy winner talks about tracking Stevie Ray Vaughan, pulling the plug on a Santana TV appearance and the reason band democracy is a disaster.

Hands-On Review: PreSonus Studio One 3

Sophisticated songwriting, arranging and music production just got a whole lot easier.

6 Pros Weigh in on Home Studio Gear, Software & Pitfalls

From basic recording gear advice to the right DAW, our experts tell you what you should and shouldn’t expect from a home setup.

USB Microphone Buying Guide

The features and specs that matter when shopping for a USB-friendly mic to record high-quality audio direct to your computer.

10 Recording Session Commandments

Observe these rules in the studio and you’ll probably emerge with a better- sounding record.

Three Essential Tips for Great Recorded Guitar Sound

Learn what it takes to capture everything you, your guitar and your amp are putting out. It’s not as tough or mysterious as you think.

Great Reasons to Video Your Practices, Performances and Recording Sessions

DIY video can help you smooth out performance wrinkles, catch musical mistakes and deliver footage to build your fanbase and fill seats at your next show.

Tech Tip: How to Set a Compressor for Voice and Instruments

The rundown on various compressor types and the best ways to use them to give your music professional punch

Tech Tip: Using Pitch Correction Software to Fix Vocals Without Using Pitch Correction Software to Fix Vocals

Producer Ronan Chris Murphy reveals how he gets better vocal intonation using software, but without applying it to finished tracks.

The Art of Sound: Veteran Producer, Mixer and Engineer Tom Size

With his mile-long roster of A-list artist credits and decades spent developing a studio tan, Tom talks about the factors that make for great sound in the studio and onstage.

Tech Tip: EQ Curves and Musical Style

Do certain styles of music have a "signature" EQ response? Check out the following curves, and decide for yourself.

Beyond the Gear: Emotions, Attitude and Influence in the Studio

Recording music is about more than the gear. Our panel of recording pros offer advice about the right attitude and expectations to bring to the studio.

How to Save on Studio Recording Costs while Getting the Sound You Want

Big budget or small—expert advice to help you get the most out of your recording studio time—and your music.

Tech Tip: Taming the Wild Bedroom

How to make the most of those challenging small recording studio spaces

Tech Tip: Tech Gear Roulette—Surviving Technological Change

Live by these seven rules if you want your budget to survive technological change

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