Digital Piano Buying Guide

How to choose the best digital piano for home use or stage/studio performance that matches your skill level, music and budget

Tech Tip: IntiMIDIdated by MIDI? A Quick Start Guide to Harnessing its Power

Personalize your rig and open the doors to experimentation with a basic understanding of MIDI

Tech Tip: The First Two Things to Try with That New Synthesizer

Synths can have a pretty steep learning curve. Here are a couple of tips for creating great sounds right from the get-go.

The Best Keyboards and Pianos for Beginners

The crucial things to look for when shopping for a first piano or electronic keyboard

The DJ Buying Guide to Keyboard Controllers

How to choose a keyboard controller to help run your show and create killer grooves and songs

Video: Yamaha P-255 - NAMM 2014

Yamaha's Gabriel Aldort walks us through a tour of the P-255 Digital Piano that delivers amazing sound, advanced performance and recording features, and an exclusive app to easily access its deep suite of functions.

Video: Jordan Rudess Home "Studio A" Tour

Jordan Rudess, of Dream Theater gives us a very up close and personal tour of “Studio A” and his amazing arsenal of keyboards, MIDI controllers and synthesizers.

Back to the Future: Roland Rolls Out AIRA

New series links today's performance needs with Roland's legacy EDM gear

It's hard to believe that electronic synths, sequencers, and beat machines have been with us for going on four decades now. Roland led the march of the microprocessors that transformed the sounds of modern music; by the early 1980s the company's groundbreaking drum machines and synthesizers were reshaping the musical soundscape.

Struck by a Chord: Keyboardists Sound Off

There are countless options available for someone in the market for a keyboard. Size, weight, style, features, ports, price, and effects are all important considerations in a new keyboard, and there are many options in each category. Where do you start? What should the priority be?

Product Spotlight: Yamaha Arius YDP-V240 Digital Piano

New Arius YDP-V240 redefines the console digital piano

Product Spotlight: Yamaha Piaggero 76-Key Digital Pianos

Ultraportable digital pianos let you take your music on the road.

Hands-On Review: Roland Gaia SH-01 Synthesizer

Putting the “fun factor” back into synthesis

Hands-On Review: Yamaha MOTIF XF7 Keyboard Workstation

How do you follow up the MOTIF XS? The key word is "more."

Hands-On Review: Casio WK-7500 Keyboard Workstation

Before you jump to conclusions…keep reading.

Hands-On Review: Roland JUNO-Gi Mobile Synthesizer

A pro performance synth, multitracker with FX, and DAW interface—all in one!

Hands-On Review: Yamaha CP50 Stage Piano

Sure, it's a great stage piano—but check out what happens when you dig deeper

How to Choose iOS-Compatible Music Gear and Software

A buying to choosing the right iOS-compatible audio/MIDI interfaces, keyboard controllers, microphones, DJ gear, docks and speakers, plus iOS accessories

Pianos and Keyboards: How to Choose

The keyboard category at Musician's Friend includes a broad range of products, from simple MIDI controllers and basic digital pianos to multi-thousand dollar keyboard workstations. Before diving in, it's important to know exactly what you're looking for. This guide will help you figure out what features and functions will best suit your needs and budget.

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