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A Musician’s Friend Buying Guide

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Tweak your amp tone

By Chris Loeffler

Utility and availability made the 12" speaker the industry default for guitar amplifiers shortly after guitar amps became a serious business. 10" and even 15" speakers have always been available and have even been stock in many acclaimed vintage amps, but at the end of the day the typical tube guitar amp you find in a music shop is going to be rocking a 12" speaker (or two… or four). While 12" speakers benefit from a rich mid-range and deep bass (not to mention most amplifiers and pickups being tuned to them), there's a certain higher frequency bandwidth, focus, and speed of response that a 10" speaker brings to the table that makes for easy, toneful guitar recording while avoiding stepping over the bass player's frequencies.

How to Choose the Right PA System

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Hands-On Review: Yamaha MSR400 Powered PA Speaker

Performance, portability, and power

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