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This Week in Music History: September 15

This Week in Music History: Door Floored…Who Drained…Kiss Uncovered…Willie Waylaid

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Historic Events that Rocked Music—The Week of September 15

The Top 10 Apps to Help You Make Better Music

The Top 10 Apps to Help You Make Better Music

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By Ryan Piercy

As part of iOS Month at Musician’s Friend, we’ve compiled a list of the top music apps to help you do more with your phone and tablet than you ever thought possible. Making music with a mobile device is no longer a novelty, as these apps can transform your iPhone or iPad into a musical instrument, a recording workstation, digital turntables, and more! All are available for download at the Apple App Store.

Dizzy Reed Interview

Artist Interview: Guns N’ Roses’ Dizzy Reed

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Keeper of the keys to the kingdom of hard rock

This Week in Music History: September 8

This Week in Music History: Anthem Born…Helter Skeltered…CSNY Shamed…Stones Unmasked

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The Events That Rocked Music—The Week of September 8

Line 6 Sonic Port VX Audio Interface Review

Hands-On Review: Line 6 Sonic Port VX Audio Interface

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By Chris Loeffler
Harmony Central Associate Editor

Line 6 has been in the game of pushing the boundaries of what a guitar player can do with digital technology by marrying a reverence for classic tones and “the way things used to be” with a desire to break through the limitations imposed by “traditional” gear. Having built and maintained their reputation as the industry leader in affordable guitar, amp, and effect modelling almost two decades ago, Line 6 has been conspicuously turning their focus on integrating the guitar experience into consumer-focused devices and tapping in to the rich ecosystem of mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. The Line 6 Sonic Port VX is their latest foray into this world and features a price-point, feature set, and ease of use that’s sure to raise eyebrows.

French Horn Buying Guide

French Horn Buying Guide

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How to choose the right French Horn to match your skill level, music and budget

How is an Audio Patch Bay Used?

Tech Tip: How is an Audio Patch Bay Used?

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A patch bay enables you to change the signal flow among the devices in your studio without having to crawl behind all your gear and unplug/replug your cables. In addition to eliminating that hassle, patch bays save wear and tear on the jacks of your equipment. Audio patch bays are switchboards for rerouting audio signals; there are also MIDI patch bays for—you guessed it—rerouting MIDI signals.

Ibanez JEM77FP2 Steve Vai Electric Guitar

Ibanez JEM77FP2 Steve Vai Signature: A Sublime Shredder’s Axe

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The Ibanez JEM series has its roots in an intimate collaboration with master shredder Steve Vai that goes back to 1986. Vai specified every aspect of his signature model from aesthetics and playability factors to perhaps most crucially, the pickup array, electronics and trem bridge. Remaining largely unchanged since the initial model was unveiled at NAMM in 1987, variations have mainly focused on pickup and bridge choices, dependant on the price points of subsequent sub-models.

Tech Tip: Re-Amping Basics for Guitar

Tech Tip: Re-Amping Basics for Guitar

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Recording guru Craig Anderton spells out the ways and means of re-amping your guitar tracks using either hardware or software.

How to Tune Your Drum Kit

Tech Tip: How to Tune Your Drum Kit

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Veteran drummer Mike Fitch offers advice on how to choose the right drum heads and get your drum set in tune in five simple steps.

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