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Bob Marlette Interview

A Conversation with Bob Marlette—One of Rock Music’s Most Versatile and Prolific Producers

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By Barry M Rivman

There was a time when those who were aspiring to be in the music industry were advised to decide which side of the control room glass they wanted to be on—recording artist or recording engineer—because it took an equal amount of time and effort to become one or the other. In essence, musicians were told that becoming a recording engineer was not an inside track to becoming a recording artist, and conversely, being an engineer was not a way to break into the music business as an artist.

Gibson Custom Wes Montgomery Hollowbody: a Fitting Tribute

Gibson Custom Wes Montgomery Hollowbody: a Fitting Tribute to the Jazz Maestro

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It’s hard to overestimate the influence of Wes Montgomery on modern guitar players. His signature picking technique using the fleshy part of his thumb produced the mellow tones that are a hallmark of Montgomery’s sound. (Prior to his music career, Wes worked long hours as a machinist and developed the technique during late-night practice sessions in consideration of his neighbors.)

Working Pro Musicians Offer Their Tips for Making it in Music

Quitting Your Day Job: Working Pro Musicians Offer Their Tips for Making it in Music

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A panel of professional musicians weigh in on what it takes to make the leap from garage jams and bedroom concertos to real venues, playing for real people.

Dave Southen: Caught in the Act of Doing Good

Caught in the Act of Doing Good: Dave Southen is a One-Man Charitable Force of Nature

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Dave Southen (second from L.) and his wife Sue Carlyle with folk rockers Great Big Sea. Could Dave’s Santa-like countenance be purely coincidental?

He gives away dozens of guitars for the greater good of his community

DJ Headphones Buying Guide

DJ Headphones Buying Guide

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How to choose the right headphones to monitor your mixes

Live Sound DJ Gear Buying Guide

The DJ Buying Guide to Live Sound Gear

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Moretti

How to choose the right PA equipment to match your music, gigs and budget

This Week in Music History: September 29

BBC Rocks…SNL Highs and Lows…Adios Janis & Jimi…Catchy Decoded

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Historic Events that Rocked Music—The Week of September 29

What’s the Deal with Active Guitar and Bass Pickups?

Tech Tip: What’s the Deal with Active Guitar and Bass Pickups?

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A quick explanation of the difference between active versus passive electric guitar and bass pickups.

Ultimate Bucket List: Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp

Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp: The Ultimate Bucket List Must-Do

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I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve all brandished our guitars or mics, real or imagined, in front of a mirror, fantasizing about playing in a big-time band before a sea of adoring fans. It’s a fantasy shared by millions, and it’s the driving force behind Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp (RRFC), the fast track way to transform your fantasy into the realm of reality.

PRG Fender Custom Shop Proto Telecaster

Fender Custom Shop Proto Telecaster: A Full Slate of Choice Mods Make it Extraordinary

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Bound to cause doubletakes with Telecaster fans, this modern Custom Shop rethinking of the icon is a delight to play and serves up an array of sounds broad enough to please just about any guitarist.

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