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Freedom in Song: Thoughts on the Songwriting Process and Censorship

Freedom in Song: Thoughts on the Songwriting Process and Censorship

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Writing a song is an art form that is considered to be both simple and inscrutable. Anyone who has experienced a truly revelatory emotional moment thanks to a song (or even just had an “ear worm” of a tune stuck in their head for days), knows that songs can be quite powerful. Once you make your vision a reality, how do you get it heard, and what do you if and when people deem it offensive?

This Week in Music History: October 6

Beatles Bob Born…Prince Pelted…Floyd Fans Fall…Sting Stung

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Historic Events that Rocked Music—The Week of October 6

Friends in Music Education: Mike Johnston

Friends in Music Education: Mike Johnston

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By Brad Porter

Musician’s Friend reached out to one of our best friends in the music education community, world-renowned drum instructor Mike Johnston. Mike’s website,, is leading the way in online drum education content, with Mike’s positive, upbeat personality at its core. His passion for learning the drums, knack for teaching others, and willingness to stay up late teaching himself audio/video techniques after his wife had fallen asleep, have helped him create a unique atmosphere where players of all levels can come together and, as Mike says, “Embrace the Suck,” or rather, celebrate the process of learning the art and craft of drumming.

Blackwater: October Band of the Month

Band of the Month: Blackwater

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Blackwater is an up and coming power pop outfit with a British frontman and a pair of Scandinavians driving the hard-rocking rhythms. Jay Bartlett (vocals/lead guitar), Peter Uven (bass), and Per Karlsson (drums) came together by chance but quickly bonded both musically and personally.

Bob Marlette Interview

A Conversation with Bob Marlette—One of Rock Music’s Most Versatile and Prolific Producers

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By Barry M Rivman

There was a time when those who were aspiring to be in the music industry were advised to decide which side of the control room glass they wanted to be on—recording artist or recording engineer—because it took an equal amount of time and effort to become one or the other. In essence, musicians were told that becoming a recording engineer was not an inside track to becoming a recording artist, and conversely, being an engineer was not a way to break into the music business as an artist.

Rickenbacker 325C64 Miami C Series

Rickenbacker 325C64 Miami C Series: The Rick That Led the British Invasion Replicated

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In case you’re wondering what Miami has to do with this fabulous rock history artifact, a little Fab Four history is in order. In February 1964, The Beatles were hanging in Miami, enjoying the weather and getting ready for their second live appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The guitar on which this week’s instrument is based was shipped direct to John Lennon from the Rickenbacker factory in California. Lennon promptly retired his road-worn ‘58 Rick and the following day was seen rehearsing with the new axe on the Sullivan set, which he later played live on the show. The new Rick had become his main stage and recording electric guitar.

How to Record Your Album and Get It Heard

How to Record Your Album and Get It Heard: Five Dos and Don’ts from the Pros

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Sound advice about capturing your music and promoting your records from a slate of pro musicians who have been there and done that.

DJ Buying Guide to Keyboard Controllers

The DJ Buying Guide to Keyboard Controllers

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How to choose a keyboard controller to help run your show and create killer grooves and songs

DJ Groove Production Hardware and Software Buying Guide

DJ Groove Production Hardware and Software Buying Guide

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How to choose the right gear and software to produce your beats and tracks

Live Sound DJ Gear Buying Guide

The DJ Buying Guide to Live Sound Gear

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Moretti

How to choose the right PA equipment to match your music, gigs and budget

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