Hands-On Review: Electro-Voice ELX112P Powered Speaker

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An outstanding choice for a two-way powered loudspeaker

By Russ Kent
Harmony Central Contributor

So your DJ service has a ton of summer parties lined up and you need to rock the bass on small dance floors without driving the guests out the door. Or your blues band has a mix of small clubs and outdoor parties coming up. Or your metal band hates the hall’s floor monitors. Or your old band is firing back up, and you’ve been offered some gigs but don’t want to invest in power amps, cabinets, and all the traditional PA gear.

Electro-Voice ELX112P Active 12" Loudspeaker

There’s a set of speakers that can step into all these roles, handle every one of these gigs effortlessly, and sound great doing it. You’d think the power and sound quality needed for that kind of versatility would make those cabinets too big, too heavy, or too expensive. Okay, how about full-range powered cabinets under 50 pounds and $599 each, at 1,000 watts per side?

That’s what you get with Electro-Voice’s Live X ELX112P speakers. These cabinets do it all, right down to the angled design that makes them perfectly at home as pole-mounted mains or floor monitors. And they sound great. Not only do they have the smooth, crisp high-end that EV PA cabs are known for, but the low end that comes from these speakers, even mounted six feet off the ground, is exceptional.

Inside and out

The Live X ELX112P uses an Electro-Voice-engineered 12" woofer with a 1.5" titanium compression tweeter. EV has installed a 1,000W Class-D amplifier that has a dual-channel input section. There’s a combi (XLR/TRS) connector for each channel, and Channel 2 can be switched between mic and line-level signals. (You need a paper clip or something similar to depress the switch into mic mode.) You can plug a guitar into a channel with a direct box and Channel 1 has stereo RCA phono plugs for a turntable or digital player. Both channels have their own level control, so you can set them to a desired balance.

The Input Select switch has two positions. XLR/TRS 1 feeds the signal from input 1 to the female XLR Link Output connector (the Input 1 level control does not affect the level at Link Output, and the signal from the RCA jacks is not passed there); the 1+2 position is a mix of the two inputs, which you can send through the Link Output connector.

The master Loudspeaker section has two slider switches—one for Normal or Boost (EV recommends Normal for vocals, Boost for mixed music) and one that selects full-range or crossover operation. When the latter switch is in the With Sub position, a 100Hz high-pass filter is engaged. (EV’s ELX118 is a great option for adding subwoofers to your system.) This master section also contains a master volume pot and an overload LED. There’s even a switch for turning off the illuminated front-panel EV logo.

EV ELX112P Active Speaker Rear Inputs & Outputs

Pole position

When I unboxed the 112P speakers and mounted them on my PA stands, I wasn’t surprised by the relatively light weight. At 14.25" (width) by 24" (height) by 13.39" (depth), each cabinet’s weight (just under 50 pounds) felt about right for a modern plastic or composite-based enclosure. But these cabinets are made of solid 9-ply, 15mm plywood, and as soon as I started pumping mixes through them, I could hear the benefits.

In a word, these cabinets sound great and they blast. I set them up in a converted garage and listened to them both as a PA and as a straight music-program system. The power-handling and output (132dB max SPL) were superb—more than most small-to-medium performance or house-of-worship events would require. The bass was great in full-range mode—smoother and fuller than many subwoofer systems. Overall the system sounded level in frequency response, and the boost switch gave the bass that extra oomph—great for bringing out the bottom but not going for the total club vibe.

With a little tweaking, the system was very impressive with a condenser in Channel 1 for my acoustic guitar and a dynamic mic in Channel 2 for my vocal. The cabs were not especially sensitive to feedback, even when I positioned them as floor monitors. The minor inconvenience of the line/mic switch was a small price to pay for the sound quality and power of this system.

All the way live

I strongly recommend this entry in the Live X series. It’s a well-designed system for almost any basic live-sound application, and if you need more bottom, a sub is easy to add in. If you’re looking for a convenient, great-sounding and powerful PA or DJ rig, check out the Electro-Voice ELX112P speakers as soon as you can.

Features & Specs:

  • Electro-Voice-engineered woofer and 1.5" titanium compression driver
  • Lightweight materials, balanced design, and ergonomic handles for convenient transport, set up, and load out
  • Stylish-yet-rugged 15mm plywood construction with textured finish
  • Easy to connect and control with versatile input and output options
  • Designed to polemount or stack with Live X subwoofers
  • Built-in 60° monitor angle
  • 1000W Class-D high-efficiency amplifier
  • Biamplified design with 24dB/octave filter slopes and transducer protection
  • Selectable 100Hz high-pass filter for use with an external subwoofer
  • Intuitive, user-friendly amplifier controls

Check out the power and versatility of the Electro-Voice Live X ELX112P powered loudspeaker.

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