Hands-On Review: DOD SR Series equalizers

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If you're short on rack space and even shorter on cash, DOD's family of SR Series equalizers is the answer to your prayers.

Starting at under a hundred bucks, these full-featured units represent an excellent value given their surprisingly robust capabilities.


Occupying just a single rackspace, this graphic EQ is ideal for solo acts, duos, and small groups who don't have a lot of room in the rack and who are working with a tiny gear budget. The SR430QXLR is a 31-band unit that features constant Q filters so that you can boost specific bands while constraining bandwidth. This can be very useful when you're the performer and the sound person too. Locking in the bandwidth means you'll never be distracted in performance by wayward frequencies that can ruin your mix and set up howling waves of feedback.


The ergonomically laid out front panel consists of two 15-band equalizer sections with 2/3-octave frequency centers. Smooth-operating 20mm faders with 12dBs of cut and boost let you pinpoint levels in a flash. Each section has independent low-cut filters at 50Hz with 12dB octave slopes and LEDs that indicate when the filters are engaged. Front-panel switches provide bypass capabilities on each channel and use FET circuitry to prevent transients. Each channel has a four-LED peak-reading bar graph for at-a-glance level monitoring. The back panel I/O consists of two balanced XLR and two 1/4" TRS jacks.


If you don't need the stereo configuration of the SR4300QXLR, this mono, 31-band, single rack unit is the way to go. As with the 430 model, its 31 bands are based on 1/3-octave, constant Q frequencies with the same 12dB cut and boost controlled by 20mm faders. It also offers front-panel EQ bypass switching with an LED to indicate that EQ is active as well as the same low-cut filtering. Back-panel connections include two balanced XLR and two impedance-balanced inputs and outputs. DOD employs a fully shielded internal transformer to ensure extremely quiet operation so that all the buzz you generate is strictly of the positive variety.



While it's built around the same electronics as its two smaller siblings, the SR830QXLR gives you longer-throw 45mm faders for more precise control when you fine-tune your sound for a given room. Its dual 15-band equalizers are housed in a rugged two-rack-unit steel chassis that will hold up to the abuse of frequent load-ins and travel. Based on the same 2/3-octave, constant Q configuration as the foregoing EQs, it has a similar shielded power supply that keeps AC 60-cycle hum out of your music. It also has a similar back-panel I/O configuration with electronically balanced XLR and impedance-balanced TRS jacks. The four-LED peak-reading bar graph is easy to read and is calibrated to read -10, 0, +10, and +18dBu. Altogether this is a tremendous buy at a very modest price.



The SR231QXLR is the flagship of the series boasting two 31-band equalizers in a rugged two-rack chassis. As with its series mates, the 231 employs constant Q filters and the same XLR and TRS I/O. Likewise, metering is based on four-LED bar graphs for each EQ section and it includes low-cut filters. 45mm sliders help you hone in on EQ tweaks with smooth precision.


The entire series boasts similar, impressive specs. Frequency response goes from 20Hz to 20kHz and the signal-to-noise ratio is a solid 92dB to help keep things clean. Frequency center tolerances are 5% and each unit boasts a substantial +21dB output level.

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