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Guitarist’s Buying Guide to iOS Gear

The Guitarist’s Buying Guide to iOS Gear

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How to find the right iOS-compatible audio equipment to help make you a better playing and sounding guitarist

The Top 10 Apps to Help You Make Better Music

The Top 10 Apps to Help You Make Better Music

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By Ryan Piercy

As part of iOS Month at Musician’s Friend, we’ve compiled a list of the top music apps to help you do more with your phone and tablet than you ever thought possible. Making music with a mobile device is no longer a novelty, as these apps can transform your iPhone or iPad into a musical instrument, a recording workstation, digital turntables, and more! All are available for download at the Apple App Store.

iOS Recording Gear Buying Guide

iOS Recording Gear Buying Guide

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In the not-too-distant past, making a decent audio recording took lots of expensive, complicated gear, as well as assistance from trained professionals who knew how to operate that gear. Then, as recording technology eventually became more compact and affordable, do-it-yourself musicians were able to build small studios capable of producing demo-quality recordings from the comfort of their own homes.

How to Choose: Musician-Friendly iOS/Android-Compatible Music Gear and Software

How to Choose: iOS-Compatible Music Gear and Software

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With all the gear, apps, and software now available for musicians on the go, the cliché “you can’t take it with you” has never been less true. Using your smartphone or tablet, there’s a new world of portable music recording, performance, and creation possibilities at your fingertips.

The enormous popularity of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and their Android counterparts has spawned an inspiring array of gear with which you can create anything from your own guitar effects lab to sophisticated, great-sounding recordings. If you’re a DJ or play live, iOS and Android apps in conjunction with compatible interfaces and controllers can help you put on amazing, seamless shows.

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