Martin Custom 000-14 Cocobolo Acoustic Guitar

Martin Custom 000-14 Cocobolo with Flamed Mahogany Wedge

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This week’s featured instrument is an outcome of the ongoing close collaboration between Private Reserve Guitars and the Martin Custom Shop in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Our buying team works closely with the shop to find instruments that are especially noteworthy, based on their performance characteristics and appearance.

In the case of this very special instrument, the Private Reserve Guitars team connected with Dale Eckart, Martin Custom Shop luthier. Dale has been with Martin for nearly 40 years, and his eyes, ears, and hands have probably caressed more special Martin instruments than just about anyone. Dale designed this guitar, and the following quotes are from our conversation with him at the factory:

Martin Custom 000-14 Cocobolo with Flamed Mahogany Wedge

“I was looking for something that was going to be bright yet uniform between treble and bass and was also highly playable. I used the Performing Artist neck profile. As to the body, on the top bracing I used 5/16th-inch Golden Era Sitka bracing. For the rest of the braces I used ¼-inch Adirondack Golden Era braces, which gives it a little more free movement in the back, but yet you get the stiffness with the Sitka cross braces on the top. Also with the OM bracing, it moves the “X” a little bit closer to the sound hole. We constructed it with hide glue.

Next I asked, Does it look pleasing?’ That’s where I came up with the cocobolo with the flamed mahogany wedge and also a flamed mahogany neck.”

“I think it’s a good mix between fingerpicking and strumming. What I was looking for was something that was even between treble and bass, and that’s what I accomplished. You don’t get one stronger than the other…where it would be good for the strummer and a finger picker.”

As we demoed this instrument and other guitars Dale has crafted, we were astonished at their beauty and balance, as well as the sheer volume they produce. We’re proud to make them available at Private Reserve Guitars.

For more images of this exquisite guitar click here. We also invite you to call one of our Guitar Advisors at 866-926-1923 for an in-hand tone report, additional photos, or to schedule a Skype session to audition this guitar.


Brian Baggett of Private Reserve Guitars puts this extraordinary 000 Martin Custom Shop creation through its paces.


Take a video tour of the faces, hands, hearts, and minds behind the exquisite craftsmanship of Martin guitars.

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