Product Spotlight: ATB Series Analogue Desks

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A new ATB fills the 8-channel gap with powerhouse features!

Toft Audio Designs ATB-08M Mixer

Toft Audio Designs announces the release of the ATB-08M, the latest in a range of Toft Series ATB analogue recording desks that includes the ATB-32, ATB-24, ATB-16 and the ATB-04M.

The Toft Series ATB consoles feature Malcom Toft's signature Trident Series 80B four-band Parametric Equalisers, a beautifully clean summing bus, and up to 88 inputs (on the ATB-32a) available on mix-down—all in a console package that will fit very nicely into both modern workstation-based production centres and larger control rooms too!

The heritage

Malcolm Toft, the designer behind the products, has a deep pedigree in the world of recording—not only as the renowned designer of Trident Audio desks but as a recording engineer as well, with credits like the Beatles' "Hey Jude," David Bowie's "Space Oddity," T. Rex' early efforts and James Taylor's first album, just to name a few.

Toft was the Chief Engineer at the famous Trident Recording Studios in London from its opening in 1968 until the time he began focusing all his attention on producing consoles for the newly formed Trident Audio Developments in 1971. "It was all born by a bunch of enthusiastic recording engineers, and we designed with our ears," Malcolm recalls. An excellent engineer, Malcolm Toft's ability as a designer of audio products is legendary. Malcolm Toft was the driving force of Trident Audio Developments and the designer of the classic "A" Range, Series 80, TSM, Di-AN, and Series 65 consoles. These consoles, manufactured from the early 70s through the late 1980s, are still making hits today.

The Series 80B Equaliser

At the heart of the ATB Series is a recording engineer. The four-band equaliser section allows precise control over the audio spectrum. Boost and cut of 15dB is provided by centre-detented controls and the two sweep-frequency ranges overlap to increase the flexibility of the equaliser section. The high band is switchable 12kHz or 8kHz, the high-mid band is sweepable from 1kHz to 15kHz, the low-mid band is sweepable from 100Hz to 1.5kHz and the low band is switchable 60Hz or 120Hz. An 80Hz (high-pass) filter that can be switched in or out of circuit is also incorporated. The Series 80B equaliser is extremely useful in both recording and mixing modes; it can also be switched from the input channel to the separate monitor channel incorporated into each input module.

Indeed, the Toft Series ATB 80B EQ utilizes the identical circuitry and also the same type and specification of components in order to reproduce the original Trident Series 80B sound.

The new ATB-08M

Toft Audio Designs ATB-08M Mixer Controls

Reminiscent of the Trident Series 80 styling, the ATB-08M features luxuriant appointments like stained hardwood bolster and side cheeks, and tooled positive-action knobs based on the classic Trident aesthetic. A visually stunning meter bridge is standard on the ATB-04M and ATB-08M or available as an accessory on the larger format models.

The ATB-08M features eight Malcom Toft-designed mic preamps and eight Trident Series 80B EQs, as well as FORTY inputs available on mix-down; all in a diminutive console package that will fit very nicely into tight studio spaces.

The unique split/in-line design is featured in the entire ATB Series range, means that in addition to the eight mic/line inputs, you also have eight in-line monitor returns always assigned to the stereo bus, as well as, eight more paralleled monitor returns in the "split" monitor section of the ATB-08M.

Add eight stereo effects returns and this little powerhouse turns in FORTY available inputs.

With the included meter bridge, the Toft Audio ATB-08M is the perfect front- and back-end solution for the "Mixing Music in the Box Blues."

Features & Specs

  • Balanced outputs
  • Electronically balanced to ensure the cleanest possible signal
  • Input reverse
  • Automatically routes the monitor return to the channel fader for easy mix-down set-up
  • Switchable Meter Bridge
  • Easily switched to meter monitor returns or channel input
  • Solo Options
  • AFL or PFL switchable
  • Mic Pre
  • Malcolm Toft designed for more brilliance or "lux"
  • Series 80B EQ
  • Identical in every way to the original Trident Series 80 EQ
  • Aux Sends

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