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A Tone Chameleon with Breathtaking Visuals

Music Man John Petrucci BFR 6 Koa Top: A Tone Chameleon with Breathtaking Visuals

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For working guitarists seeking a single instrument that can do it all, the Music Man John Petrucci BFR 6 Koa Top deserves serious consideration. Built in collaboration with the Dream Theater guitarist, a pair of DiMarzio pickups—a Liquifire in the neck, a Crunch Lab in the bridge—combined with a piezo nested in floating trem bridge generate just about any tone you can imagine.

This Week in Music History: July 28

This Week in Music History: Concert Collapses…Dylan Damaged…McGraw Groped

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The Events That Rocked Music—The Week of July 28

Zildjian Project 391 Cymbals Review

Project 391: A Radically New Sound Expands the Zildjian Tonal Palette

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Zildjian’s SoundLab, the company’s proving ground for developing new cymbals, has just introduced the limited edition Project 391—a new series with sounds unlike anything the world’s oldest cymbal maker has produced up to now. Led by Paul Francis, Zildjian’s Director of R&D, the SoundLab team set out to achieve sounds that weren’t a current part of the company’s tonal palette. They’ve unquestionably achieved that aim using a new alloy and manufacturing techniques that deliver what some drummers refer to as a “Euro sound.”

For Those About To Rock…The KCDC Salutes You!

For Those About To Rock…The KCDC Salutes You!

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For those of us who have spent our years at the Corporate Headquarters, the KCDC is, much like our Salt Lake City call center, a bit of an enigma. However mysterious it may seem, one thing has never been argued: this part of the Musician’s Friend operation is perhaps the most important to our success, because at the end of the day, direct-to-consumer businesses have to get products into customers’ hands as quickly as possible. Which, we’re very proud to say, we do day in and day out.

Tech Tip: Sample Rate and Bit Depth

Tech Tip: Sample Rate and Bit Depth—An Introduction to Sampling

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By Dennis Kambury

If you've ever pondered the specs for digital audio and weren't quite sure what numbers like 16-bit/44.1kHz really mean, this tutorial will give you the information you need to understand the basics of digital audio.

A Conversation with Bob Heil

A Conversation with Bob Heil—the Master of Game-Changing Microphone Technology

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By Marty Paule

Highly opinionated and fiercely independent in his views about pro sound, Bob Heil builds mics and possesses a professional resume to back up his often out-of-the-box attitude. And speaking of boxes, it was Bob who invented one of the most memorable guitar effects of all time: the Heil Talk Box that made Peter Frampton a fixture on ‘70s album charts.

Studio Monitors Buying Guide

Studio Monitors Buying Guide

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How to choose the right monitor speakers to match your music and budget

Perfect Pedal Order Webinar with Steve Vai

Perfect Pedal Order Webinar with Steve Vai

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Missed the live webinar? You can still catch it online!

Much More Than Merely Twang

Fender Custom Shop Double TV Jones Relic Telecaster—Much More Than Merely Twang

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A pair of TV Jones pups gives this Tele a whole lotta beef when you want it. Sure, it’s got that elemental Tele twang DNA, but the hum-free pickups add a layer of warmth and squish that, with the right amp, easily get into full-throated fur-covered territory. From rockabilly to jazz to blues to hard-driving rock, this is one Tele that can do it all while delivering the classic playability that makes the Telecaster the icon that it is.

Hands-On Review: A Designs HM2EQ Hammer Equalizer

Hands-On Review: A Designs HM2EQ Hammer Equalizer—The Path to Higher EQ

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By Barry Rivman
Musician’s Friend Senior Staff Writer

In the jargon of producers and recording engineers, equalizers fall into two general categories: "surgical" and "character." The surgical EQ is used correctively, e.g. when you wish to focus on a problem frequency without affecting the neighboring frequencies. Much like a surgeon, you want to go into a narrow band with a very precise cutting tool–an appropriate simile since we primarily "cut" or reduce problem frequencies. Examples would be taming harsh frequencies on cymbals; sibilance or plosives in vocals; fizz or wool on distorted guitars; or overly woofy bass.

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